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Confusing Love-Part Seven-Rewrite
Confusing Love-Part Seven-Rewrite

Confusing Love-Part Seven-Rewrite

BookNerd123Black Sheep

(Atlas´ Pov.)

Studying has been long forgotten and the air is filled with our laughs. ¨Something I don understand is why all the girls swoon over you,¨ He says and plops a fry in his mouth. ¨I´m good looking.¨ I say and try to steal a fry, he slaps my hand away. Frowning and cluttching said fries to his chest.

¨I am just so good looking," he laughs. The person across the eisle eyes us. I kick him beneath the table. ¨ You are okay but nothing special.¨ He says and kicks me back. ¨I think you are cute," I say and he blushes. ¨I told you not to flirt with me.¨ I laugh.


By the time I get back to my James is asleep. His head rested against the window, arms wrapped around himself. His mouth is slightly open and his fingers are clutching tightly at his shirt. For a moment I think I understand why those girls swoon over him and then he speaks;¨Hi. Like what you see?" He chuckles, I roll my eyes. ¨Get out. You can sleep in my bed, I will sleep on the cot."

He groans and gets to his feet, walking toward the door. My mom smiles at us from the kitchen. ¨Ma´am, is it okay if I stay another night?¨ She nods,¨are you both going to sleep?" I nod and lead the way up the stairs. He collapses on my bed and I begin to set up the cot.

¨You can sleep on your bed.¨ He groans out and smiles sleepy over at me. ¨It is fine.¨ I resond and continue. A hand grabs me and suddenly I am on the bed beside him. My back against his chest, his neck pressed into my hair, his arms around my waist, and his body warm.

I relax into him. ¨Sleep.¨ He whispers.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoy

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Black Sheep
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20 May, 2021
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