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Confusing Love Part Six
Confusing Love Part Six

Confusing Love Part Six

BookNerd123Lemon Drop
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(James's pov.)

Atlas's car smells strongly of lemon zest and cinnamon. "Can I turn the radio on?" I ask because tthe silence is killing me. "Maybe later because we are here." He pulls into a local diner and grabs his back pack. "Come on. We have to study and I am starving." I grab my bag and we walk in.

We walk in and take a booth near the window. "what can I geet for you today?" She asks totally ignoring Atlas and smiling down at me. I reach my hand across the table and Atlas takes it. Her eyes go wide. "What do you want,Babe ask. "Just some fries and a chocalate shake."

"Anything for you?" She asks."The same thing." She walks off and Atlas and I burst into laughter. "Why do girls like you so much?" I clutch my chest offended by his question. He begins to get his homework out of his bag. "I just look so good," Atlas laughs.

"You are alright but nothing special." I smirk at him and he blushes slightly. "I think you are cute," I say and wiggle my eyebrows at him. He laughs and tosses me a pencil. The waitress arrives and without saying a word gives us our order. We eat fries and do our work.

I finish my work in about three minutes and Atlas checks it. "You got them all right. Why do you need a tutor?" I smile at his accidental complement . " I never really have a lot of time." he nods and takes a long sip of his chocalate shake. "

Well, lets go then. I will drive you to your car and then you can drive yourself home."

Author Notes: Part Six

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Lemon Drop
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20 Nov, 2020
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