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Confusing Love Part Three
Confusing Love Part Three

Confusing Love Part Three

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Atlas's pov.)

The vice principal sits behind his desk, hands clasped in front of him, and a stern expreession on his face. "What was your reason for hitting,James?" James looks over at me and I can tell that he is practically shaking in his skin. At that moment I hear my Grandma's voice, "just because someone wrongs you doees not mean you should wrong them." I put on a smirk. " I just felt like it."

I can feel James staring at me, I avoid his gaze.

"Well, that is something I do not beleive but I cannot punish him if I have no evidence of wrong doing." He glares over at James and I finally look at him. James is staring at me. A look I have never seen written on his face before.

"Alright here is your punishment. Since you seem to hate James so much you will have to tutor him in all his classes." i cannot look away from James and he isn't looking away from me. I stare into his deep green eyes.

"Boys. You can get back to class now." I shake my head back into focus and slowly stand up.

"the tutoring sessions will begin this afternoon." The vice principal says. We nod and walk out.

"You didn't have to lie. I deserved to be suspended for all the things I've done to you." Jame's voice is hollow and soft like he dosen't want anyone to hear although its just us in this hallway.

"I know. see you in the library after school." I walk away so I don't get caught up staring into his eyes again.

Author Notes: Part Three!!

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19 Nov, 2020
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