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Who am I?

How do I survive here, in a world so biased? Everywhere I turn, there are derrogatory comments, just waiting for the right person to bother - waiting, watching.

My parents, well, they don't understand. They don't see what I see, and still think that the world is how it was "back then." Wake up! It's not back then anymore, and it won't ever be so again! Why must this world compare a whole generation to a different time? There are different objectives, not just technology.

Teens have begun to think that they need to be skinny, and it's not just the teenage community's fault. Adults have begun doing this to, and why? Because we want to feel good about ourselves? Because we want to be stronger - to defend ourselves and impress ourselves? No, it's not just for us. We have started to believe that we are a peep-show for everyone else, and that we are objects to be viewed close up and personal.

Who cares? Why should we care what they think? On a normal basis, they don't care, and they don't think.

You are all beautiful and strong. We should try to get stronger, not skinner. We should get a new wardrobe because we like these clothes, we feel like ourselves in them, not because they are skin-tight, and most definitlty not because we want others to think of us in a way that we are not. Let's be ourselves, not some model on the front of a stupid fashion magazine.

Sexuality is a strange thing, even the word looks funny. I think that it is such a human thing to do, categorizing ourselves into groups that define who we are. We are not - and should not - be judged by the group we identify as. We should be judged on whether or not we are a good person, a hard worker, or maybe even our attitude.

So what if I'm Ace? I'm also kind, caring, and intellegent. I get good grades, I stay away from illegal actions, and I spend my extra time writing some cheap inspirational crap - but it makes me feel better about my mind and myself as a person.

Let's all stop judging each other on the things that we buy, the people we hang around, or the shoes we try to fill. We are all humans, aren't we?

Author Notes: Thank you so much for reading and being a part of this! I'll upload more like this soon, sorry for the long pause!

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25 Dec, 2017
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2 mins
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