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Mom I don’t wanna move I love it here It is amazing so someway I have amazing friends and an amazing school and nice house that we are sadly moving of Isabella said, , we are moving to Rhode Island and that is that you will love it I promise there is some many things there and a lot a amazing universities you will have a better live here I promise and did I mention you get your own room mom why didn't you say so in the first place let's go.

We are here yes I can’t wait we have a pond with an boat and an tree story house this is so cool way better New Jersey I am going to love it here OK I guess I should get stuff moving in here I will help Dad OK Isabella you don’t have too I got it no I wanna help OK suit yourself.

Mom what for dinner I am ordering pizza OK thanks mom, Ding Dong I get it Hello I have a cheese and bacon pizza that is right Isabella said, OK that will be $ 50.51 Dollars OK Mom can I can I have the card sure honey Thank you mom your welcome, have good night you too by.

Bang Bang what the heck is that sound oh It is just Ava wake up Ava what Isabella your sleepwalking OK I going bed to bed OK good night Ava, goodnight Isabella, goodnight Ava.

Clap Clap Clap What the heck It is 3:07 in the morning mom dad Ava Olivia Abigail what, Isabella what is that sound I don’t know let's just go back to sleep OK, yes ma'am.

Bang Bang, what is that sound, Ava OK how about you sleep with me tonight, OK Isabella um Isabella what Ava look Ah Mom help come on Ava, April Ava wake up now go wake-up mom

Author Notes: if you want a part 2 text me on Short stories or comment have an amazing day


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16 Feb, 2022
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