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Connected-Part Four
Connected-Part Four

Connected-Part Four

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Peter Forester´s pov.)

Peter: Are you still awake?

My clock reads, 3:00 a.m. My room is dark, my bed totally comfortable, but for some odd reason I cannot sleep.

Cherry Garcia:Yes. I cannot sleep, why are yuo up?

Peter: Same as you.

Cherry Garcia:I am curently sitting in the dark and watching cat videos.

I laugh smiling.

Peter: I didn´t know people actually watched those. lol.

Cherry Garcia: You don´t like cat videos???

I smile laughing, trying not to roll my eyes.

Peter:No. I just listen to music.

Cherry Garcia: I looked up your favorite song.

Peter:what did you think?

Cherry Garcia: It is now on my playlist.

Peter: Lol. I am playing yours right now.

Cherry Garcia: How do yu like them?

Peter:They are very good, you have great taste in music.

Cherry Garcia: Can I ask you three peresonal questions?

I smile but it quickly turns to a nervous grin.

Peter:Okay, shoot.

Cherry Garcia: How old are you?

I smile, that is not personal.

Peter: Seventeen.

Cherry Garcia:Same. What is your sexuality?

My heart drops into my stomach, my lungs collapsing down upon themselves. I take a deep breath and type.

Peter:Bisexual. You?

Cherry Garcia:Pansexual. Have you come out to anybody?

Peter: No,you?

Cheery Garcia:Yes. I have a big test tommorrow, I should probably try to catch a few hours of sleep.

Peter:Okay, goodnight.

I turn my phine off and lay back staring at my ceiling, realizing the first person I ever came out to doesn´t even know my name.

Author Notes: If you have any suggestions please tell me, hope you enjoy.

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Lemon Drop
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18 Jan, 2021
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