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Control Me
Control Me

Control Me

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

I am darker than the night
Moving fast as the light.

I am stealthy, I am sleek
Skipping above mountain peaks.

No human hand can make me.
No earthly band can raid me.

Built am I to navigate dimensions,
Programmed for instant ascension.

I float on the waves of magnetic fields,
Invisibly insulated within an impenetrable shield.

Welcome aboard - don't be frightened.
Try not to focus on the prismatic lighting.

Are you surprised I can speak?
Just one of my incredible feats.

Do you recall your entry here?
On your way up, you looked quite scared.

Feel free to scan and explore.
I invite you to walk my corridors.

Just one exception:
There are windows to your right.
Resist the temptation
To take a peek inside.

There are activities
That you would do well to miss.
As it's said on your planet,
"Ignorance is bliss."

You have an escort
To lead you by the arm.
He won't utter a word
Nor do you any harm.

Do not even try
To look in his eyes.
You will be unable to turn aside
For your neck will be paralyzed.

You must trust me,
This is for the best.
If you see the E.T.
Fear will arrest your chest.

Keep on walking,
Look straight ahead.
Try to relax.
My, your face is red!

You are on your way
To a special room.
You will have no conscious memory
Of the procedure done to you.

It'll be okay,
This I assure you.
It's not the intention
To in any way hurt you.

Go with your guide.
I'll see you in a bit.
To mitigate your anxiety,
The room is therapeutically lit.


Well hello again.
There's more for you to see.
You'll need to take a seat
For soon we shall leave the galaxy.

We will achieve atomic speed.
If you glance out the windows
Only streaks of light will you see.

During our flight
There will be times
When we will instantly stop
And turn on a dime.

But this sudden shift
Will cause you no trouble
For the cockpit, you see
Sits within a gyroscopic bubble.

Like a sheet one would fold
We will be traversing wormholes.
These are cosmic shortcuts
And YOU will be in control!

That's right - you will be my pilot.
Don't worry - you can do it.
I have been programmed
To talk and walk you through it.

You've been chosen to control me.
It's easier than you suppose.
If you can move your extremities
Then you can make me go.

Focus right in front of you.
See that small device?
It's known as a controller dome
And it is the key to my flight.

No need to touch it;
Simply levitate your palm above it.

It will mimic your hand.
Each gesture signals a command.

Any direction you want me to take,
Just motion your hand that way.

We will cover distances untold
And you will be in control.

We will even transcend time.
But afterwards you will find
These memories will be locked behind
The doors of your subconscious mind.

©️ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
2 Jan, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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