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Hello Corona...
Hello Corona...

Hello Corona...

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Hello Corona,

No, I will not call you novel or any such thing. You are a monster that has claimed thousands of lives and infected hundreds of thousands of people across the world and there is no sign of your taming down as yet. But you must be the happiest creature in the world these days. After all, you have brought the entire mankind who considered themselves the most superior to all other beings, to their knees.

Proud for our superior intellect, ingenuity and technological development over past so many centuries, nearly the entire world except emergency service providers has been locked at home now. We constructed large and beautiful bridges, built monumental towers, statues and sacred places for worship which people visited for centuries. All those places are deserted now.

We made airplanes and travelled in each corner of the world. We developed astronomical science, built rockets and travelled in space; we even set our footprint on the moon. But now we are afraid of even stepping outside our homes and you deserve the entire (dis)credit for this.

Who are you in reality, Corona… are you a message from the nature that we’ve been ignoring for several decades or maybe, centuries? Are you a blow to us from the nature against whom we tried to prove ourselves superior?

We were told time and again that we are part of the entire universal ecosystem and whatever development we make, it should be harmonious with this ecosystem so that life on the planet remains unaffected. We did not listen to this advice and you are probably the result of our misdeeds.

Each phase of life, however pleasant or difficult, has to pass and a new dawn has to arrive. I sincerely hope that after causing so much harm to the mankind, you will go away by doing some good to us and make a few positive changes in our lives.

Though you have built walls between us and our loved ones by isolating us, I hope that you will destroy walls of castes, religions and languages eventually as people will now realize that worth of a human life is much more than these manmade things.

Capitalists are the ones who contribute immensely to our economic growth and also provide millions of jobs. But they, at times, become so much profit hungry that they flout environmental norms and foster corruption to satisfy their profit motive. I hope that they will now realize that humanity is above everything and set their priorities accordingly.

I hope that countries in the world will come closer in solidarity in the present situation and feuding nations will look for peaceful solutions to disputes between them rather than speaking the language of revenge and destruction.

I hope that people in our country will become more hygiene conscious – not just on a personal level, but also in public places such that they maintain cleanliness everywhere.

I also hope that our people will grow up with this experience and set their priorities to buy products with good quality rather than just buying cheap products, though this is not directly related to being infected by you. I expect them to value worth of manual labour and treat manual workers respectfully, ensuring their safety. This is crucial because when we interact with these workers, we are sure that we are dealing with hygienic people.

Over the years, as medical science developed, our life span increased and we started taking things for granted. Our approach to life became very rigid and unilateral. We didn’t care if life had something to talk to us…it did have a lot to tell us which is appearing now in your form and shape. It has been our belief for many centuries that we are fully evolved beings. You proved us wrong a hard way and made realize that we are still evolving and the process of evolution is never complete for which, I thank you.

We humans are innovative and intelligent. I’m sure, a vaccine on your infection will be shortly developed and your fear will be wiped out. But as you go, I only hope that you will teach us some good lessons of life that will prevent your younger siblings from entering our lives in years to come.

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24 Mar, 2020
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