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A Conversation With Depression Continued
A Conversation With Depression Continued

A Conversation With Depression Continued


"I found you finally.
It took me awhile but I made it.
How many doors do you need to hide behind to feel safe?

Well I'm sorry I'm afraid of you.
Isn't it natural to want to run from your fears?
I could have gotten more if I wanted to
But I decided to end this now

"So what, we gonna fight or something?
I don't really mind but I never thought of you as a fighter honestly
You're pretty much an emotional pushover that hides behind callousness
You act all tough but in all honesty you're soft
You won't do anything right."

I suppose you're right.
I'm not one for fighting and I'm more hurt than people think
But that doesn't mean I'll mess this up.

"So somebody finally decided to do something?
Its about time
it gets kinda boring when you don't retaliate.
Hey speaking of retaliate, why ain't you speaking with people?"

What does that have to do with anything?

"Well nothing really.
Its just unusual for you to be so distant from him.
Makes me wonder if you're starting to give up."

Suddenly you care?
Thats rich
You dish out so much pain
But can't accept me getting revenge?
I end it and you'll come with me,
Somebody not want to go see their maker?

"Wow you actually are going to do it?
Didn't think I'd get to meet Lucifer for a while...

Nah you're bluffing.
Theres no way you'd actually commit
You don't with anything else so why this?"

Because nothing else has me feeling like this
Like just this one thing could fix it all
30 seconds to unconsciousness
Then I'd have 8 to 12 hours till I'll meet with him
Probably would be inside an hour but I'm just being certain

"Aw my plaything is leaving me?
What about everyone else?
You willing to ruin their lives?"

We'll find out won't we?
They'd have said something if they care
But still, I'll give it a week to be sure
Whats another 7 days of misery?
Already got 18 years behind me
I can wait out another week to be free

"And I thought I was depressing.
Are you trying to take my job from me?"

You're me and I'm you
I'm not taking anything from you that I'm not taking from myself
We might have polar opposite personas but we still exist on the same coin
Destroy one face and the other will go with it

"Interesting logic.
Think it might be twisted but whats it to me
I live off twisting things
So I guess we'll part ways in a week?"

Unbelievable how you're so nonchalant about this

"You're the one pulling the trigger
I just provided the ammunition
Not my fault what you do with it
Besides I'm just copying your attitude
Same person and all remember?"

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21 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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