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A Conversation With Depression Reviews

5 reviews have given an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 Stars
MidnightDier gave a rating of 5

I'm going through depression I want to escape it the depression I want it to go away I'm only human can't disappear but I am Worthless,Insecure, not pretty

Myrawiles gave a rating of 5

This was a great story!

lily gave a rating of 5

I don't care about mistakes in hand writing i'm glad that you put this in my life I love it and can relate to it so much I am dealing with a lot right now so it helps me to know that you have the same thing happening to you it's good to know that there are other people that feel the same way I love this and will cherish it like my own child and even read it everyday thank you and I hope that you succeed in writing in the future I am just one more person added to your train of love and one day I hope that your train will stop for another and another and even more train carts to come and lach on we are now sisters by love we may not know each other but we will get through this together and one day your train will stop forever but it will still run in the dark and in our hearts and someone else will start it young as the new conductor and carry you to a better place but we will help them because you are wonderful and I hope to see more from you I love you and don't worry about errors!!!

🌸Fate gave a rating of 4

I can relate to this greatly myself. I have a time in the year when I question myself and you put it into words. Though your writing does have a few punctual mistakes that needs to be fix. I hope to read more from you


Ghost Thank you and if you wouldn't mind pointing out those mistakes that would help me to fix them.
Author -
ellotheremates gave a rating of 5

Love the ryhming


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