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why_now is from US United States • 18 y/o • Female


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oh hi..πŸ‘‹πŸ½

I am 18 years old and I write short stories about how I am feeling in the moment.

I am from a small town in Wisconsin (yes it is cold)

**for those of you who messaged me about new stories, yes I am going to be posting some more writing but I had to take a break from being on here for a bit. Thank you for being patient:)

Meaning behind my writing:

I have major depression, and anxiety and a way for me to cope with how I feel is writing. I know my stories can be dark or hold a lot of emotion but thats the point. I don't read my stories or think about what I am writing until I am done and then I post it on here. I consider my profile as a journal in a way.

* if you are still reading, I am going to say some more about myself:)


color: red or lavender purple

song: Dirty Dancer by Orion Sun

favorite thing to do on my free time: go for a drive

smell: lavender or vanilla

⭐ME ⭐

- probably on my phone

- shoulder length, wavy hair that is kind of purple

- listening to music

- sweatpants and hoodies or oversized shirts

- probably zoned out or writing

** also, I would like to keep my name and everything a secret on here, so if you know me personally, you dont.**

If you made it this far, thats a bit about me:) If you need anyone to talk to feel free to message me!

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