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Depression, Part 2
Depression, Part 2

Depression, Part 2


It was the same routine. Every night.
The darkness and depression would come and visit every night.

Whispering to me, telling me to go get it. To just end it already. But it doesn't anymore. I'm able to lay comfortably in bed at night and fall asleep without worrying about waking up in the middle of the night to the pressure of depression on my chest. I finally was able to jump up and tell it to leave after years and years of work to make it go away. Depression still hangs out and stops by every once in a while but not as often. I've been able to sleep and breathe without worrying about how the night was going to go. My scars are healed and I got a beautiful tattoo to cover them. I graduated highschool, I moved over 2,000 miles away from home and got a good job. I lost weight and am finally starting to love my body and looks. Depression is still a long-term resident in my life, but from a distance. I have fought and fought and I can finally breathe. I promised myself that I would stay alive to graduate highschool and I am so glad that I did. I'm starting to get my life back because I was able to actually stand up for myself and say I needed space and do the things that I know help my mental health. I'm no longer stuck in the dark.
I'm finally getting better and I am so proud of myself.

3:56 am

Author Notes: <3

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19 Aug, 2022
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1 min
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