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Someone Once Asked Me
Someone Once Asked Me

Someone Once Asked Me

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** TW: Suicide**
Someone once asked me how long I would be gone if my first attempt worked. My answer is 3, almost 4 years. Someone once asked me what I would've missed. I would have missed the majority of high school and getting my driver's license. I would've missed the opprotunity to get closer with my older sister who is now my best friend. I would have missed becoming a CNA and getting accepted into my dream college for the fall of 2022. Meeting my niece, who I adore. There are so many memories and moments that I would have missed out on.

Someone once asked me how long I would be gone if my last attempt worked. My answer is just over 4 months. What I would've missed is my senior year of high school, getting 6 acceptance letters from different colleges. Gaining amazing friendships and losing people I care about. I would've missed seeing my baby sister grow into the amazing, strong young woman I know she will become. I would've missed driving 4 hours every few months to see my grandparents, even if it was just for the weekend. I would've missed seeing my parent's faces as I walked across that stage on June 3rd, 2022 to recieve my diploma. Getting my own place someday, graduating college, and getting a job doing what I love. My mental health has shown me that I can get through almost anything. That no matter what happens, my parents and siblings will love me and be there for me.

Someone once asked me if I would change anything about my life. My answer is no. The ups and the downs that life has thrown at me so far has made me who I am now. I am finally feeling good about living and I have hope for my future that I will do great things. I wouldn't change that for the world.

1:41 am - 01/10/2022

Author Notes: <3 once again, this is more of a personal entry.

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10 Jan, 2022
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