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The Girl With Depression

The Girl With Depression

By why_now - 4 Reviews

The girl with depression helped me cure my own. She said "I'm here and not going nowhere." The girl with depression had sadness in her eyes, but everyday she smiles. She smiles all day and makes you think she's okay, but really she's not. She tells the driver to have a good night before getting off the bus. But, as soon as she gets in her house, she cries, cuts, maybe drinks bleach. Coughing up blood, cleaning the flood of it off the ground. 'Go upstairs, be okay, start a new day tomorrow.'

But, everyday it's the exact same thing. Smile. Be happy. Say 'Have a good night.' Go home. Cut. Cry. Cough. Go to bed. After that the girl with depression stopped smiling. She stopped saying have a good night to the bus driver. But, her depression didn't stop her from cutting her wrists until they couldn't stop bleeding. Pretty soon in the middle of the night, bright lights gave everyone a fright as it pulled in front of her house, brought someone out, and drove away.

From that day, no one heard from the girl with depression except for a delayed note to her teacher saying "I'm Sorry." The girl with depression cured everyone else's but didn't cure her own. The only problem is that she never had a friend to talk her out of it, like she did to everyone else.

Author Notes: Not all people can be saved from depression, and I get that. But, if you ask your friend what's wrong and they smile and say nothing. Don't just say okay and walk away. Stay there because if you walk away its showing them you don't really care.

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19 Sep, 2018
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