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The Girl Who Left Her Guard Up
The Girl Who Left Her Guard Up

The Girl Who Left Her Guard Up

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She didn't have friends. but a lot of people talk to her. She didn't feel the need to put her guard up. but she was never who she REALLY was, she was who they wanted her to be.
She did everything she was told. she went to class.




Social Studies

and Science.

Every day she did the same thing. Walk into her classroom with her head down, and sat without saying a word. Did everything she was expected to do. Once more people started talking to her, the more she told about herself. Nothing was bad. But, some found a way to make the things she did, liked to do, and her personal life seem bad. People started posting things and photoshopped images on social media. She started walking into class late to nothing but stares, whispers, and giggles. This time she didn't bother to hide her tears. Her teacher asked for her pass, but she shook her head no and sat down. It was like that for 2 more weeks. Her teacher gave her after school and lunch detention. After a couple days of detention, was when her parents found out about her showing up late to class. She would show up at the dinner table with her eyes red from crying so much. When she was asked what was wrong, she smiled and said: "nothing, I'm just tired.."
But, that is where things started going even more downhill.

Her parents believed her.

When she got home from school, her parents asked her how her day was. Of course, she said it was fine and then would continue on to her bedroom.
She throws her backpack on her floor and jumps on her bed.
She tries to focus on her homework, but she keeps getting flashes of what happened at school. (the day went the same as any other day)
She gets to school, gets breakfast but it gets knocked out of her hands, the bell rings signaling for the morning classes to begin. As normal, she shows up 5 minutes late without getting a pass. The bell rings for lunch, but her lunch gets stolen and someone spits in it. The bell rings once again, signaling for lunch to end and the afternoon classes to start. After 7th hour, when school is finally dismissed, she goes to the office for another after-school detention.
Her mom picks her up at 4:30 and drives her home in silence.
Asks her how her day was, and she said fine (like always), goes to her room, and reviews the day.


After a few months of this, her school counselor calls her to his office.
She tells him everything that is going on but, doesn't say the names of the people who've been doing these things. For two reasons.

1.) She didn't want her parents to find out about the bullying
and 2.) She knew that if her counselor said ANYTHING to anyone about what was going on, they would find out that she was telling people.

The very LAST thing she wanted was for others to find out, she just pretended that everything was okay.
But, the trust she put into her counselor was quickly fading.
Why? What did he do?
Told her that she was overreacting.
Was she overreacting?
Was it all in her head?

That day, she walked home after school, packed her stuff, and left home. She just started walking, no specific place in mind. Maybe she could live with her friend? No. She got about 5 miles from home before police picked her up and brought her home. All she could do was cry. By the time she got home, her mom, dad, aunt, and younger brother were all out on the lawn. Everyone was crying, her parents were "very, very disappointed in her"
She pulled away from the hug her mom was giving her and looked her in the eyes confused.
"What?" she said
Her mother looked her in her eyes and said: "You heard me, I'm very, very disappointed in you."
She ran into the house crying hard enough where she couldn't breathe. She just didn't want this to happen anymore. She didn't want to be alive anymore.
Once she calmed down, she went to the bathroom and got her razor.
She brought it back to her room, sitting on the end of her bed she picked it up. Took the razor out, and slashed her wrists multiple times over again.
Crying silently, she watched it drip onto her bedroom floor. Soaking into her white carpet, leaving a pinkish stain.
She started feeling light-headed.
The room started spinning.
She took the blade one last time and dragged it down her arm, opening the previous cuts even more.
Her vision started going black and she fell to the ground. Not saying a word, but still crying. She didn't want to call for her mom. She couldn't do it.

She gathered all of her remaining strength to grab a piece of paper and a pencil from her desk and wrote.

Are you disappointed now?

The girl never got a chance to raise her guard up.

She never got the chance to tell her bullies to Fuck off

She never got that chance to live a normal life.

Author Notes: I don't think it turned out that good, and I think I could've added more.
Let me know what you think!!

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5 Feb, 2019
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