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Cookie chaos!!!!

Cookie chaos!!!!

By MooMoo

Moo, Maroon and Tory sat across the table from each other, staring at one another, not moving.
Moo kept on twitching her ears each time Tory glanced at her. Tory was one of the best death starers she ever new.
“Aghhh!!! This game is boring, lets do something else” complained Maroon.
He was right, They have been there for 4 hours now, staring at each other.
“We make cookies NOW” Moo laughed, heading off towards the kitchen with Tory.
“C is for cookies, c is for cookies” Moo and Tory chanted in unison.
“ Moo and her cookies” Maroon said, while taking a swing of his bottle of red winel that he always kept with him.
“Cookies! I like the cookie!” came a high pitched squeal as a squirrel came down through the chimney, covered in black soot.
The squirrel ran around the living room shouting “Cookies!!” before running into the side of the couch. The squirrel Jumped back up and continued running around, except it’s balance was a bit off.
“I like the cookies!” he shouted one more time before scampering up into the chimney.
“That was just weird. I better lay of the rum” Maroon said, shaking his head. He looked at his bottle and gave a shrug, taking a deep drink of it before joining Moo and Tory in the kitchen.

“I hate squirrels” Maroon mumbled as he took a step inside the small kitchen.
Immediately, he felt something hit his chest and break. Looking down, he saw an egg oozing it’s way down his jumper.
“How can you hate squirrels. There cute” said Tory as she cracked an egg into a small bowl.
Suddenly Iris entered the room, with the same unhappy face he always had.
“I hate cookies....” Iris muttered.
“How can you HATE cookies? They are good for you, uh huh” Moo said as she mixed something into a bowl.
“If there good for you, then why are you not allowed to eat them on tv shows?” Iris countered, sitting down on a nearby stool.
“It’s a conspiracy! They wanted cookies all for themselves, so WE don’t get any!!!!” Tory shouted as she threw flour, eggs and a sugar cup into the air, coming down and making a big mess.
“Cookies!!” came once again the high pitched voice, and a second later the house shook as the squirrel crashed into the window, leaving a black steak of soot as he slid down the window.
“That’s one crazy hyper squirrel” Maroon said, while shaking his head.
“He needs some bashing to make him feel better.
“He doesn't need cordial. He just needs some love!” said cinderella who burst through the kitchen. “Gus - Gus and Jacques, please help the squirrel.
The two mice sitting on her shoulders saluted before her before jumping down and made their way down to the sliding glass window where the squirrel was laying down, just about uncouncius.
“What the hell?” said Iris, as he stepped aside for the two mice.
“It’s Cinderella.....I hated her when I was a kid” said Moo, turning to the princess.
“Don’t worry we’ll take care of him cinderelly” Jacques said as him and Gus - Gus dragged him inside by the tail.
“But I like cookie!!” the squirrel shouted out with a paw in the air, before he dropped it and spread out like he was road kill.
“I still think some sort of physical bashing would of helped him” said maroon.
“You think that violence is the answer to everything,” Hookey hissed as he entered the kitchen, flicking his tongue out in annoyance. “So, what is everyone gathered in the kitchen for?” asked hookey

“Cookies!” said Moo happily!

“You know what would make them better? Some sugar!” Maroon said as he took the bottle and poured some wine into the mix.

“You just ruined the cookies!” Cinderella yelled while putting her hands up to her face.
“We’re all gonna be happy tonight!” Tory said while dancing in her little corner.
“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” screamed Chicken Little as he ran through the open door, frantically running around the kitchen.
“Excuse me while I handle this,” Maroon said as he set his sights on Chicken Little. “I can’t wait to have some chicken for dinner!”
“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not food!” yelled Chicken Little as he ran out the door from which he came.
Moo put the dough into the oven to cook them, anxious to eat her delicious cookies while Cinderella hit Maroon on the head with a frying pan for putting wine into the mix.
Ten minutes later, the cookies were done. As Moo moo removed them from the oven, the aroma floated throughout the house.
“I like the cookie!” the squirrel came barreling out of one of the rooms, knocking over various plants and dishes as he made his way to the kitchen.
He stopped when he came to the tray, for all of the cookies were standing on two legs and trying to walk around. It didn’t go too well because of the red wine they had in them. They were running into each other, tripping over their own two feet.
“the red cordial made the cookies come to life!” Cinderella gasped in horror.
“I love the cookie!” the squirrel exclaimed, his eyes fixated on one particular cookie.
“If you love them, why don’t you marry them!” Maroon said sarcastically, looking angry.
“Do you Squirrel, take this lovely cookie to be your lawfully wedded wife, until death do you part?” asked Larry the cucumber dressed as a minister who appeared out of nowhere.
Squirrel nodded, drool dripping out of his mouth.
“Do you Ms. Cookie, take Squirrel to be your lawfully wedded husband, until death do you part?”continued Larry the cucumber.
“I do,” she said, batting her eyes that popped out of her face. :)
“I now pronounce you Squirrel and Cookie. You may now… kiss the bride?”
Squirrel ‘kissed’ his bride, but it was more of a lick then a kiss. His eyes then went crazy, and he began chomping down on her.(poor cookie)
“I guess that marriage is annulled,” Moo said, watching the whole proceedings, very amused.
“I like the cookies!” squirrel shouted as he turned on the rest of the cookies.
The cookies began screaming and running around, trying to get away from the crazy hyper squirrel.
“My cookies!” Tory shouted as she tried to save her cookies.
When Maroon awoke from being clonked over the head, he scrunched his eyes in confusion at all the chaos around him. The crazy squirrel was hanging from a blade on the ceiling fan while cookies were running loose on the counter tops as Moo tried to save them by putting them in a container. Cinderella was busy scrubbing the floor from the mess that everyone made while Chicken Little came running in again screaming.

Maroon’s head hurt from all the screaming, so he wanted a sip of red stuff to make it go away. He put the bottle to his lips, but nothing came out. He sat there crying, upset that there was no more cordial until the noise became too much.
“Just shut up, the lot of ya!” he yelled, finally losing it.
Everyone froze in place, stopping what they were doing except Chicken Little who ran back outside and his faint cries of, “The sky is falling,” could be heard.
“Now, can somebody please tell me… WHY IS ALL THE WINE GONE?”

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14 Mar, 2011
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6 mins
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