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Cookie's Sleepover
Cookie's Sleepover

Cookie's Sleepover



I love sleepovers, and who wouldn’t pigging out on foods. You normally wouldn’t be allowed to eat for dinner

And staying up way long after your bed time.

Which any time your mom lets you stay up after your bed time is awesome

So, when my mom finally gave in and let me have one before we went away on our Christmas vacation.

I was beyond excited

The morning of my party we got up early and headed out to the stores

To buy some snacks and other supplies.

And if it wasn’t for my mom, I’d have brought out every store, we went to

When we got home I cleaned my room.

And as I started setting up for my party I grew more and more excited

This was going to be the best sleepover ever

Half an hour later my doorbell rang

“Hey guys,” I smiled as I let them in.

a few minutes later we were eating all sorts of goodies,

and exchanging school gossips.

But what had my stomach hurting from laughter is

when my friends Vicky Dragonfly and Daisy Penguin

Took turns cranking calling my other best friends Sammy Turtle and Tommy Cub,

I know a bit mean especially since Sammy, gets easily creeped out with just about everything.

And even though they figured it out that it was us calling them

and swore to get us back.

I’ve a funny feeling that Sammy, will be checking under his bed tonight

Just to make sure there’s no trolls underneath his bed

We turned off the lights and winded down then took turns telling spooky stories.

Soon afterwards one by one.

We all drifted off to sleep and that’s when my nightmare began:

Chapter 1:

It was a gloomy afternoon when we rode our bikes towards my aunt’s house,

who lived at the far end of town.

And, promised us a very special reward for helping her clean her new house.

That she just finished buying and was planning on turning into a B and B

“Wow, this place looks more like a creepy castle then an old house.”

Sammy whistled as he and the others got off our bikes.

And walked towards an old Greystone brick house

that was surrounded by over grown trees,

and a long black faded black fence all around it

“Yah, it does look pretty gloomy looking.”

Tommy added as we slowly walked up a stone driveway

Seconds later I rang the front door bell, the door creaked as it opened

“Hello, and welcome to Havens manor!”

My aunt cried out as she welcomed us inside

“Hi, thanks, wow, what a…” I began

A big mess!” My aunt laughed as we all looked around the living room.

All over there were dust and paint brushes, dirty rags laying around.

And open and unopened boxes stacked all over the middle of the room

“I know it looks like a big dump site now.

But in a few days, it’ll be the world’s greatest B and B in all of Rocky Shores!”

She added

“Umm, aren’t you going to be the first B and B owner in Rocky Shores?”

Sammy asked in a confused tone of voice

“That’s right Sammy, that’s why it’ll be the best one ever!”

Now why don’t I show you kids, were your rooms are at.

Then after you unpack we’ll start in the best room the house.”

My aunt answered him

“Which room is that?” Tommy asked

“The kitchen!” My aunt cried out

An hour later we found the boys sitting round the kitchen table eating some chips

“Well, took you guys, long enough to come down.

Sammy and I were starting to thinking you got lost or something.”

Tommy munched

Blame Daisy,

I swear she’s going to move in instead of just spending the weekend!”

Vicky laughed

“Very funny!” so I couldn’t figure out what to bring shot me.”

Daisy frowned.

Soon afterwards we began working on unpacking some of my aunt’s boxes

Chapter 2:

“So, Cookie do you think your aunt’s going to have this place ready by the end of the month?”

Sammy asked her.

I looked around the shambled room and sighed

“For my aunt’s sakes, I certainly hope so.”

Sammy nodded before adding

“My brother told me that it was pretty brave for her to buy this old place.

Especially with all the creepy stories attached to it.”

“Oh, here we go.” Tommy groaned as he slapped himself on the forehead

“Whatever dude, I wasn’t going to say that the place was haunted.

But supposal there’s some hidden treasure buried somewhere.”

Sammy frowned.

We just looked at him with stunned confused faces waiting for him to continue


“Well, according to my brother,

this place was one of the first house build in Rocky Shores

back then Rocky Shores,

was also known to have gold hidden in some of its mines

anyway, the story goes that an old goose used to own this house.

He was well- liked even though he was known to keep to himself

that was until the rumors started

what kind of rumors they wanted to know

the most told one,

is that he hit it big inside one of the gold mines then hide the gold inside his house.

then would go around town telling tall tales of how his house stole his gold to protect it from him.

” Sammy told them

“Wow, he must’ve been some kind of nut case.” Tommy snorted.

Sammy nodded

“Totally, especially since one day he simply vanished..”

And before he could continue a loud thud interrupted him

Tommy who had been rocking his chair back and forth suddenly lost his balance

And smacked the back of his chair hard against the wall.

Making a big hole through it

“Whoa!” He cried out before he fell along with the chair to the floor

“Tommy, are you okay?”

Both me and Sammy asked him before we went to help him up

“Yah, I think so. But I’m sorry Cookie,

I hope your aunt won’t be to upset.” Tommy mumbled

“Don’t worry about it.

I’m sure she’ll just be glad that you didn’t get hurt.” I smile

“Hey guys, I think there’s something inside there.”

Vicky told them peeking inside.

She slowly pulled out a small metal box and blow the dust and dirt off its lid

“Weird, I wonder what’s inside of it that

would make them hide it inside a wall.” Sammy frowned

“Well, we’re soon about to find out.” Vicky smiled

Chapter 3:

She slowly opened it.

Inside was an old faded newspaper clipping

That read:




Whoa, what else does it say?” Tommy said

“Don’t know, that’s it.

The rest of it is missing.

But there’s a drawing of what looks like a picture of a map, of some kind of tunnel.” Vicky shrugged.

And that’s not all there’s also this!” She added smiling

She took out what looked like a small gold coin and held it up.

So, they all could see it

“Oh wow, it looks really old.

I wonder if it’s one of the coins that were stolen?”

Sammy asked in awe.

Tommy rolled his eyes before he snorted

“Of course, it is!”

that’s why they hid it inside the wall

I bet they’re really valuable we’re going to be rich!”

“Wrong Tommy,

you should know better than to know we don’t keep things that are not ours.

We’re going to wait for Cookie’s aunt to get back and show her

Maybe she’ll take us down to the museum so we can return them.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to get them back after all these years.”

Daisy told him

“I agree,

but maybe we should probably find the rest of the coins

before we show her.” I added

“No way!” why, can’t we just give all that we found to your aunt.

And let her and the cops take care of it?” Sammy pouted

“What’s the fun in doing something as dumb as that?”

Besides when did we just give up on a case and hand it over to the cops,

for them to solve it?” Tommy frowned

“Yah Sammy, I know it’s been a while

but we’re still the We Always Catch Our Crooks Club.

What if we just leave my aunt a note,

telling her all the details and where she and the cops can meet us later on?”

I added smiling. We all stared eagerly at Sammy, waiting for his answer

Who just smiled and nodded his head yes

Chapter 4:

Soon afterwards we headed out and began following the directions on the map

Until we reached a big steep rocky hill

“Oh great, how are we supposed to get down there?” Daisy asked

“I’ve an idea. I’ll go down first then you girls, Sammy,

you’ll be last just in case any of them need help.”

Tommy answered.

Slowly one by one, we carefully made it down the hill

Then continued following the path

until we finally found the old tunnel entrance

“I’ve a really bad feeling about this you guys,

we should just wait out here until your aunt comes.” Sammy told them

“Nothing is going to happen Sammy, let’s just go inside.

The faster we do this the faster we can leave.”

Tommy replied.

Vicky patted Sammy on the back and added

“Sammy, think of it this way.

Instead of thinking something bad is going to happen think how many

kids, can say that they got to go on a hunt for real life treasure.”

Sammy thought for a second then smiled

“Yah, it’s pretty cool.”

and before we went inside I smiled over towards Sammy,

to silently let him know.

That he wasn’t the only one who was feeling a bit nervous

Chapter 5:

We walked further into the dim tunnel looking for any signs of hidden treasure. We continued walking for a while more without any luck.

We were about to turn back

When we felt a cool breeze against our faces that wasn’t there before.

We walked towards it and grew excited

when we noticed a giant hole in which the breeze was blowing out

“Oh wow, I bet the treasure is buried in there!” Tommy yelled out.

As he slowly climbed through it

“Tommy, how can you know that?” Sammy frowned

“Because I staring at it.” Tommy smiled.

We looked over to where he was pointing to

And noticed a rock ledge built over a hole into a bigger rock.

Sitting on the ledge was a metal box

“Okay, Tommy, go and get it so we can leave.” Sammy told him

“Me?” Why don’t you go get it?” Tommy frowned

“Seriously you guys, grow up.” I smirked

as I walked over to it but when I went to grab it.

The box shifted backwards causing it to crash onto the floor

and spilling about a dozen or more gold coins to fall out


“Cookie, look out!” Daisy cried out

and before she could finish her sentence a loud crash interrupted

A few of the rock from the ledge fell and landed right onto my right paw

“Oh, my god, Cookie, try not to move okay?”

You girls, stay with her and keep her comfortable

Come on Sammy, we’ve to go find help. We’ll be right back!”

Tommy nervously told them before he ran off followed by Sammy

Chapter 6:

They ran out and were about to head out to look for help.

When they bumped right into Cookie’s aunt

“Boys!” What in the world are you kids, doing out here?”

You shouldn’t be out here exploring—

“Umm, I don’t mean to interrupt you.

But we’ve an emergency Cookie’s hurt we’ve to hurry!”

Tommy interrupted

“What!” What happened?” Where is she?”

Cookie’s aunt cried out.

And as they all ran back the boys quickly told her

the whole story of what had just happened and why they were there

“I really wish they’d hurry.

Not only can’t I feel my paw anymore I’m getting really thirsty.”

I sighed

“That’s not all of your troubles young lady.” An angry voice answered her

“Aunt Bell!” I’m really sorry-.” I began sobbing

“Save your energy Cookie, we’ll discuss this later.

When we get you kids, out of here safely.” Her aunt told her.

She went over to see if she could roll the rock off from my paw

but not only didn’t it move but I cried out in pain

“Kids, I need all of your help, I think if we all push the rock.

Cookie should be able to get her paw out.” Her aunt said

“Okay ready?” On the count of three.” She added.

All together they strained with a few tries they managed to roll the rock just enough that Cookie could quickly pull her paw out from underneath it

Soon after spending a few hours at the hospital so they can take care of Cookie’s paw. They were back at Bell’s house

“You’re very lucky that your paw’s not broken just badly sprained.”

Cookie’s aunt was telling her.

“I’m very upset with you kids, what if I didn’t find you when I did.”

She added frowning.

Then after the gang repeat the story of what made them go explore the old mine

Bell phoned both the police and the Rocky Shores Historical museum

who were suspicious but agreed to talk with the gang tomorrow morning

Chapter 7:

The next day the gang re told their story to the owner of the museum

Who listened in awe

“That was some adventure you kids, went on.

I’ve heard all these stories from my grandpa, and dad over the years,

but I don’t believe they knew what truly happened either

“Although my grandpa, never believed the story of how Mr. Reels,

found gold in those mines.

He used to work as a security guard and

magical disappeared after the robbery.” He started to explain

“Did your grandfather think that he was the one

who robbed the museum?” Vicky asked him

“Most likely, according to my grandpa,

Mr. Reels, was known to have serious money problems.

And basically, begged him for a job at the museum

then a few days later quit claiming that all his problems were solved.”

He answered her

“But thanks to you kids, I guess we finally know the real story.

Now I’ve good news since you found the coins,

you’re entitled to the finder’s fee.” He added smiling

“Finder’s fee?” What’s that?”

Does it mean that we’ve to pay you for finding the coins?”

Tommy frowned.

The owner of the museum laughed

“No, no, nothing like that,

but the opposite since you did find them I’ll be paying you a very gratefully reward

Chapter 8:

A few days later the museum owner gave them a metal of bravery

And the local newspaper took their pictures and interviewed them for the front page.

Which the gang proudly told them all about their adventure

and how great it was staying at Cookie’s aunt B and B

Later that day Cookie’s aunt treated them to all the ice cream that they can eat

“Well, I’m really going to miss having you kids, around.” Cookie’s aunt smiled

“Us, too aunt Bell, it’s been great hanging out with you.” I smiled back

“Now we’ve a surprise for you..

“Oh no, please don’t tell me that you found another note.” Bell groaned

“Very funny aunt Bell, but no, we decided to give you our reward money as --.”

The Present:

“Cookie, Cookie!”

The sound of my mom’s voice calling out to me startled me awake

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.

But I just got off the phone with your aunt

“She just finished buying the old Reels place.

And was wondering if you and your friends would like to spend the weekend

and help her get it ready for her B and B?” My mom explained

“That sounds great mom!” I smiled.

Once she left I was about to tell Daisy and Vicky about the good news

When my dream popped into my head

“Wait, did she just say that aunt Bell brought the old Reels places?”

There’s no way it can be the same place, could it?”

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006

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