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Copper Coin

Copper Coin

By Starlight

There once was a man named Copper.
And he was always in trouble, but never admitted it.
Like the day I met him…
The window creaking open had waken me with a start. I looked around, but it was too dark to see. I heard heavy foot steps, then the window was shut. My heart raced. There was someone in my bedroom! I froze under the thick covers of my blankets. Heavy breathing... It was definitely a man. I decided he was feeling around to see what was there. Concealed by the darkness, I stepped out of my bed and silently made my way to the dagger on my table.
The intruder bumped over a vase. It smashed to the ground with a large noise.
I found the dagger and snuck across the room to him.
I stood behind the man, who was fumbling to open the drawer of my desk.
I took a deep breath and stabbed out.
"Augh!" the man cried out. He leapt toward what he thought to be the window and hit the wall with a large 'thunk'.
I struck a match with shaking fingers and held it out.
I could see the pile of the man in the corner of my room, a pile of black cloak bunched around him.
From his hunched shoulders, there produced a head, which was piled up in brown hair. Agonized moans came from it.
"Who are you? What do you want?" I questioned in a firm voice. My dagger was ready for a second stab.
The man slowly rose, gripping his left shoulder. He eyed me, then the dagger.
"You stabbed me!" He said.
"Yes," I replied, "And I'll do it again if you don't get out of my room!"
"Wait." He held up his hands. "Just get some light in here. Then I'll explain."
"No! Get out." I swiped my dagger under his nose, but he caught it and pulled it out of my hand.
I gasped and stepped back.
"Now, miss." He spoke. "Will you listen to me?"
I nodded dumbly.
He swiftly took the burning match from my fingertips. He looked around until he found some candles to light.
"There." He looked around the room, seeming quite impressed by its largeness and elegance.

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About This Story
27 Sep, 2015
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1 min
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