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By DeversionOrDeath

He sighed gently to himself, enjoying the peace of mind that he gains after his activities. He turns as he hears a small groan emit from the unconcious girl that is lieing across te marble floor of the kitchen. He grimaces as he looks at the specs of blood that were created when he struck her in the face. He proceeded to clean up the tiny mess, moving to then pick up the broken vase that had fallen when she hit the floor. Shes starting to wake up, he thought to himself. Smiling he went ahead and picked up the large carving knife up from the counter, moving towards her with a wider smile. The girl opened her eyes slowly, then immediatley they widened in horror at the large blade that he was gripping. She began to back up against the wall feeling behind her for any object that she could use to protect herself from what awaited her. As she continued to feel around, she felt a shard of glass from the broken vase that he had missed while cleaning up. She gripped it and immediatley flung it towards his face, as she turned and got up running and not even bothering to check to see if she hit him. His eyes now alight with a insane bloodlust, he grinned maniacally then followed her at a slow pace, knowing she wasn't going to get far, for he had every possible way out of the house blocked off. He dragged the blade across the wall as he walked down the dark corridor of the house towards the staircase where he knew she had fled up, creating a metallic sound from the scratch of the blade against the wall. She had ran into her room and barred the door, hiding in the back of her walk-in closet. She hid behind the many boxes of discarded clothing she had stored in the very back hoping that he wouldn't think to look in this particular spot. He ascended the stairs casually, deciding that she was most likely in her own room. He grabbed the silver handle of the door, frowning slightly at how it wouldn't open. Smiling again he flipped the blade to his other hand impaling it into the center of the door numerous times before it was weak enough for his gloved fist to smash through, kicking aside the trunk and chair that had been pushed in front of the door mere seconds before. She flinched as she heard her door broken through, she had to stop her self, for she had started to shake rather violently out of immense fear for her life. She made a small hole in her small "fortress" so that she could watch the closet door. He stopped for a moment taking in the enviorment that is her room, pondering on which of the many sections of her room she was in. Deciding it was her closet he figured he'd toy with her for a little longer, kicking through the other doors in her room those including her bathroom and her other closet. He pulled out another blade, a small one that he uses to incapacitate those who tried to run, he smiled as he felt the wound on the side of his face bleeding slightly more then before, he then turned toward her hiding place walking towards it with menacingly, his boots making a clack on the hardwood floor each time. She began to shake again as she watches him smash apart this door just as easily as she heard him do to the other ones. She couldn't take it anymore she kicked away the boxes charging towards the door praying she'd be able to catch him off guard. He grinned as he saw the boxes begining to shake, then got his boot in place knowing she'd commit a act of stupidity he smiled widely and insanely as she charged towards him lifting his boot off the floor and planting it into her face. She was shocked at his reflexes as she felt the leather boot strike her in the face. She immediatley knew her nose was broken as she heard a sickening crunch and felt blood splatter onto her face. He gazed down at her as she groaned in agony, he knew she was done but just to make sure there was no more foul play, he brought the heel of his boot down onto each of her ankles, then onto her forearms smiling as he heard the cracks of her bones in her arms and ankles. She let out a scream when he shattered the bones in her arms and ankles. Whimpering she looked up at him accepting her fate. He smiles as he takes the smaller blade, and jabbing it directly in to the center of her stomach. As she yelled out in pain he proceeded to take the larger knife, rapidly stabbing her in the chest, watching the crimson liquid splatter on his hands and leak all over her own clothing. Gripping the smaller blade he yanked it out of her stomach, stabbing it into her neck instead. He grinned cruely as he watched her gasp for her, her own blood filling her lungs. Deciding that it was getting late now, he to the large blade and impaled it into her chest, cutting deeply and draging it down cutting through her flesh, and slicing through each of her ribs. He watched as the pool of blood formed around her, then promptly turned around strolling out of her closet as if he was just browsing through the clothing. He smiled as he made his way outside, and moving down the street whistling a merry tune to concluding that this was indeed a relaxing night for himself.

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29 Oct, 2011
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4 mins
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