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Costa Revo

Costa Revo

By Ahmed Adem

Costa Revo
In the Golden Green district of London, Mr. Samuel sat in front of the window watching the movement of terrified pedestrians, this type of walking has a term that appeared with the Covid 19 pandemic, which is social distancing, which forced him to be house bound with his son’s Daniel family. The voice of his daughter-in-law interrupted his thoughts, inviting him to have tea which the family is keen to serve alongside traditional sweets. He took one of the cakes known as Ghriba, and snatched the cloves that decorate them. Then, he said with a smile as he looked at the faces of his grandchildren, who were disturbed by the forced stay in the house, “did you know that this small pill has a great favour over humanity? ” He added : it indirectly contributed to proving the spherical shape of the Earth. One of his grandchildren asked how is that?
Samuel: It is known that most of the sailors accompanying Magellan were infected with scurvy, and that the reason Magellan survived this disease, which killed most of the accompanying crew, was the prevention that he obtained as a result of constantly eating cloves.
Here he interrupted by his son, saying gently, “I think the quince what Magellan used to eat. Samuel's” plump face reddened and said giggling: ” I was thinking it was clove”, therefore I have eating it since my childhood because we believed in its health benefits,” you know that I was born and raised in Benghazi”. However, due to the city’s location, which is in the middle of many marshes and stagnant water swamps, made it an ideal environment for the spread of epidemics and deadly diseases that afflicted the city on several time. For example , the plague struck the city in the first quarter of the twentieth century, causing the death of many of the city's residents . Here, one of his grandchildren asked “what forced people to reside in that city, Although the place is not suitable from a health point of view “?
Samuel:” The environmental defects of the site were among the reasons for the reconstruction of Benghazi six centuries ago”, although the city's marshes and swamps provided the appropriate environment for the spread of epidemics and diseases, but they were also a safe haven, to refugee like my ancestors who fled their original home country in Mallorca island.
And here his son interrupted him, saying:” But what I know is that our roots go back to the city of Benghazi, and we who rebuilt it, and this is the first time that I know that my ancestors came from the island of Mallorca” !?
Samuel: You have the right to be surprised. Samuel got up and said: “I think the time has come to reclaim the past”. Then, he went to his office and returned carrying a number of old documents hidden in a special safe, known to the Jews as the Geniza, and which they are keen to be inherited from generation to generation. Samuel sat repeating the saying: that the crisis may be an opportunity or a disaster. Then, he continued: “This may be the first positive benefit we got from the Corona pandemic “, it allowed us time to meet and learn about the history of our ancestors and learn from them how to overcome crises and tribulations and invest them in their favour.

Our story goes back to the year 1391 when our ancestor Michael David was preparing to sail, and on his way to the ship, something pulled him from the side that made him turn towards her, and at this point, his life changed forever. While what he took from his coat was nothing but a miserable little girl, with an innocent smile of joy on her face, but my grandfather froze in place, this miserable child was not a beggar or a wandering, but his daughter who should be in their home in the Mallorca island, hhundreds of miles away. Nevertheless, the appearance of many familiar faces changed his facial features, including his wife carrying a baby in her arms, and he learned from his wife's gaze and signs that he was his son. She gave birth to him while he was traveling as he left her pregnant.
After David woke up in surprise, he released his tongue that was stuck and asked : “What brought you all here”?

Here, a respected Kaplan, Kaplan said: “It appears you are not aware of recent events”. Soon after you left, bloody racist acts against Jews broke out in southern France, and soon spread to most European cities in the eastern Mediterranean. This is what pushed us to leave our island; to save our souls and search for a safe haven, especially after the Palma massacre in which dozens of Jews were killed. We decided to flee south to the Berber coast, and chose the city of Oran, where many Jews live, and we expected them to help, but unfortunately, they were the first to take advantage of us.
David : why ?
Kaplan: They are afraid that we will settle between them and thus effect on their control over the commercial and economic activities in the region and become their competitors. Now, after our situation became critical, we decided to leave and search for a new country, in which we would start a new life.
David hummed and said: “ the appropriate place is existing”. Obviously, it was time to reveal the secret of my father's fortune that he had hidden throughout his life, which I also kept after him. Everyone knows that my father is from a poor family, yet he left me a great fortune, and his circumstances did not change and he became rich only in the last years of his life, and became one of the most important public figures on island of Mallorca and the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula. However, no one asked about the sudden transformation that happened to him.
Kaplan: We know that your father was working in trade.
David: Most of the Jews work in trade, but they did not achieve what my father achieved in a few years.

Here Solomon, one of the prominent Jews said: “Trade is intelligence”. David added: “Besides the complete secrecy”. We all know that maps are state secrets, and fortunately my father was among the scientific team that accompanied the cartographer Abraham Crescis on his mission to draw modern maps requested by the ruler. As my father was one of the sailors of the ship that roamed the Mediterranean; and during that voyage it happened the ship to dock in the bay Barniq on the west coast of Cyrenaica. My father got off the ship and wandered the area and noticed the many salt marshes surrounding an island with many remains of abandoned buildings. The mission left the area, including my father, who learned that the gate to Ali Baba's cave had been opened in front of him, and upon his return he sold everything he owned to finance his business adventure. He first went to Sicily and bought a small boat and loaded it with some equipment and weapons, then went to Barniq, where he exchanged the load for salt. He then sailed to Venice to sell it, and made a profit equivalent to five times the capital he spent on this adventure. After several years, my father bought this ship and took me to find out the reason for our wealth.
Solomon: But what are you aiming at from telling this story.
Kaplan : I think that David wants us to go to stay in Cyrenaica .
David: Yes, that's what I mean.
Kaplan : We must first discuss the matter amongst ourselves then make such a fateful decision.
Solomon : Also, we must not forget something very important, which is financing. If the proposal is approved in principle, then our financial situation is at rock bottom.
David: You are right, decision-making in such matters requires deliberation. Therefore, you need some time to make your final decision. Meanwhile, I'll try to manage the travel costs.
Kaplan: Yes, that is.
David: “Therefore, I have to make a quick trip to deliver the goods loaded on the boat to their owners”, and this requires several days, during which you take your time to consult and make a final decision. The meeting ended, and at dawn the next day, David, left for his declared destination, to one of Andalusia cities that the wave of violence against Jews had not reached, but in reality he intended to continue the journey to Mallorca Island, in order to extract his hidden treasure.

Under cover of darkness, David infiltrated the island and went to the cemetery of the Jews located on the outskirts of the city; where his father hid all his wealth in one of the shrines, but something strange was waiting for him, as he found a number of people, performing some strange rituals beside the shrine. At first, he though they were sorcerers, however, when he came nearer he found the truth about them. They were the ones remaining from the Muslims from the island who were expelled from it in the past century. They pretended to apostatize from Islam in front of people, nevertheless, in fact they kept their belief and performed their rituals secretly. A few minutes after the Muslims finished performing their prayers; David entered the cemetery and took out his treasure, which was hidden in his father's tomb.
Then David returned towards the city of Oran to find that the Jews had made their decision to go to Berniq, David bought a number of new ships . As soon as the Jews saw the ships, they became certain that the time to leave had come.

The Jews collected what was left of their luggage and sailed to the eastern coast of Cyrenaica. after several days the boats docked in the Gulf of Berniq or what is known today as Benghazi city.
David asked some of the men to accompany him and inspect the place and identify it. He first took them to wander the remnants of the Greek and Roman settlements, where the building materials needed for construction were available. He then took them to the marshes surrounding the site, which were filled with reed forests, making them a barrier to defend the city. David and his colleagues discussed choosing a suitable site for their settlement.
Where they had to choose between a site close to the Gulf where boats docked, or on a rocky hill with defensive advantages, but far from the Gulf, and all agreed to establish their first settlement near the Gulf for several considerations. The most important of which is the presence of the remains of an old fort in it. Temporarily, they will reside on the rocky hill until the completion of the construction work and that the hill becomes a place for storage later.

They were not aware at this time they have put the corner stone for the city’s urban planning, as the Jews built their buildings on the remains of the scattered old buildings on both sides of the street that connected the old fort and the storage place . Nowadays , the street is found to be one of the most ancient and lively streets in the world , is now known as Omer Al-Mokhtar Street with an estimated age of 2500 years. However, the availability of all capabilities prompted them to ask why the Bedouins did not reside on this island even though it is within their fiefdoms. Then, one of them asked” would the Bedouins allow us to reside there”?
David: “I have a good relationship with the leaders and notables of the region”, especially Sheikh Ibrahim, who this semi-island is located within the boundaries of their fiefdom.
Then, some men returned to the boats to help women and children disembark from them, and in unloading their basic items needed for their overnight stay. While the rest of the men stayed to prepare the place for their first night, but David assured everyone not to light a fire until we took permission from Sheikh Ibrahim.

At the dawn of the next day, David left, accompanied by two Jews, heading to the clan of Sheikh Ibrahim, and they carried with them some valuable gifts that David used to present when visiting him. After a two-hour march, David and his companions arrived at the site where the tribe had pitched their tents, at a place that the Jews called Al-Laithi, due to the spread of huge flat-surface rocks.

Barefooted, Sheikh Ibrahim left his tent to meet them, and this is the Bedouins' habit to express their joy with the guest.
After the greeting, everyone entered as Sheikh Ibrahim and David exchanged conversations without entering into the main topic, as the sheikh noticed that they had some request, but it is usually necessary not to ask the guests about their needs until three days after their arrival.
David smiled and said to the Sheikh, “Perhaps you notice that my comrades have a request and I have to tell you our story”.
Sheikh Ibrahim: Firstly, tell us your story and your need after eating, and we will meet it if we can.
David told the sheikh what happened to his people and asked him to allow his residence in the feudal borders.
Sheikh Ibrahim: I will be delighted if you settle among us, and the sheikh asked if there was a place you would prefer to stay.
David : Thank you for accepting our residency, and we have chosen the site of Watti Barnq to establish our settlement there.
Benjamin, one of David’s companions, said: “we are ready to buy them from you when our finances allow”. The shiekh smiled and asked one of the Nobles of his tribe named Jacob” : Do we accept the offer?
Jacob: the Bedouin may sell his children but not his land.

Continued Shiekh Ibrahim:” many years ago”, a famine hit the area, we had to mortgage our children to Genoa’s merchants to supply food for our tribe.
Mosses, Shiekh Ibrahim’s brother:” do not be surprised”, as they say: the Bedouin lives short life and who does not die by the sword dies for some other reasons.
Shiekh Ibrahim added: yes, we sacrifice our children for our country because country cannot be replaced but children can be.
Shiekh Ibrahim spoke to David and as the habit of Bedouins, he called him by his first name Michael: Anyway, I have no objection to allow you to settle there, just I am surprised by your choice of this place; as no one was able to settle there without being cursed. David: What curse?
Sheikh Ibrahim: Perhaps you noticed that there were a large number of fossils at the site.
One of the Jews wondered with horror about the petrified humans?
David answered him in their language: The sheikh refers to human statues, and the
Bedouins avoid them because they believe that they are fossilized humans.
Sheikh Ibrahim: This extreme location on the sea makes you vulnerable to attacks by pirates and thieves.
David: that I had a plan that I would implement as soon as we got back to protect us from them.
Shiekh Ibrahim: you are right my dear Michael;” the country that you cannot protect, you do not deserve to live in it”.
David returned without knowing that his plan to secure the site and fortify it against aggressors was a remedy for endemic epidemics, as they cut down the dense reed forests surrounding the site. Then they opened channels between the marshes to facilitate the movement of boats, which led to the continuous renewal of water and thus the elimination of the environment incubating of the diseases, which was done in parallel with the construction of their homes on the ruins of ancient city.

Samuel continued: after my grandfather David and his companions finished the building of homes, digging and dredging reed forests, they began to earn living by practicing the crafts they excelled in, especially the trade they started with the locals, then across the sea with Venice. Where had they taken advantaged from of the currents in the central Mediterranean Sea, to facilitate navigation operations in the direction of the Adriatic Sea.

A few years later, this settlement which established by the refugees, transformed into a trading centre and its bay, marked by the windmill built by the Jews turned into a berth for coming ships and boats from the coasts of southern Europe, Egypt and the cities of the Barbary Coast.

Nevertheless, the matter was not limited to trade only, as my grandfather succeeded in transforming the town into a spiritual shrine through a unique incident. He knew how to benefit from it with his intelligence and long experience, as one of the righteous had arrived in town. The news of his arrival spreaded among the Bedouins, who came to seek blessing according to their beliefs, as these religious figures at that time were appreciated, respected and reached the point of sanctification. However, fate wanted the man to die while in the city, and this is an opportunity that my grandfather had seized. “But is there a chance of death, asked the daughter-in-law “!?
Samuel: “My dear when it comes to money, yes”, because that man's death was like a chicken laying eggs of gold, according to the beliefs of Bedouins and Muslims in general at the time, that the blessing of such a man lasts even after their death. That is why you find them constantly visiting their graves, so my grandfather seized the opportunity and set up a tomb for him, and with time, he became a shrine for the countries to seek blessing and recover from illness, etc. Among these requests, the funny thing is that the Jews of the town came to have the same belief.

However, what mattered to my grandfather was the commercial boom the shrine brought them. Though, the development and prosperity of the city made it a coveted by the invaders, especially with the escalation of the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and Venice, the commercial partner of the city’s merchants and an ally of the Mamluk state in Egypt, which the city of Benghazi is located within its regional borders. On a spring day, when there is less marine navigation due to the weather, sails appeared on the horizon for a number of Ottoman pirate ships. The Jews realised that they were coming to invade the city, they then discussed among themselves, and here my grandfather said: We must all leave the city and take with us everything we can carry. Someone asked David,” where should we go”?
David : We will go to the clan of Sheikh Ibrahim.

The Jews left the town, and as soon as they arrived, Sheikh Ibrahim and his clan welcomed them. Sheikh, David and the people’s dignitaries sat down to discuss the issue of the invaders and ways to expel them. Some men were sent out to find out how many pirate.

Several hours later, the men returned after capturing tow pirates. When the sheikh saw them, he said: What is this that you brought them with you?
His son Josef replied that “they were prisoners we found them at the edge of the lake”.
Sheikh Ibrahim : They are children!
Josef:” If you knew their story, you would have said that they might be the key to victory over the pirates”. In fact, these children were infiltrating outside the city to flee from the pirates who had captured them a few months ago from Saqiz Island.
The sheikh: How did you know that?
Here, one of the young Jews who were in the reconnaissance group that was sent said: “During their arrest, a conversation took place between them”, and fortunately, I know their language. So, I knew that they were Janissary, that is, the slaves of the Turks who are taken from their families while they were children and are ill-treated and practice all kinds of torture on them To force them to convert to Islam, then they were sent to wars.
David said: Yes, we can get advantage from them.
The sheikh : What do you have in mind, Michael?
David replied:” We ask them to help in exchange for freeing them from slavery”, and the plan is to show them a well full of old barrels of wine. Of course, the pirates will drink until their minds are gone, and we can defeat them.

The children returned to the city and implemented the plan. Once the agreed signal was given; the Bedouins and the Jews swooped in on the pirates and arrested them without bloodshed. The Bedouins seized all the possessions of the pirates and sold their captives as slaves.
Daniel : What about Jews, what did they gain?
Samuel: They took the important items, the ships that the nomads voluntarily left, because they were not aware of the matters of the sea. Here one of the grandchildren asked:” What happened to the Janissaries who were freed from the pirates”, and Samuel answered, “some of them returned to their homes and others settled in the city”, because the Turks took most of them when they were young, and they do not know their country of origin.

The troubles are not over, a new epidemic has hit the city. One of the children asked: Is it the plague or malaria?
Samuel:” neither this nor that, but rather a disease that affects hearts and minds “. It is a disease of the soul that the most skilled doctors have been unable to find a cure.
The daughter-in-law interrupted him saying: “You mean love”.
David: yes love, but what kind of love, it is impossible love.

When the Jews sought refuge in the tribe of Sheikh Ibrahim, a love story occurred between Josef, the son of Sheikh Ibrahim, and the daughter of David, and on the other hand, a love story occurred between the son of Solomon and a girl from the tribe of Sheikh Ibrahim, although her father Gabriel from the servants.

As soon as the ordeal of the invasion ended, Joseph proposed to the daughter of David,
at first David hesitated , but he accepted, and set the date of the wedding. However, the winds come without the desire of the ships, where one of the ships docked, on board a number of passengers, including a cleric. It was only hours until the news of his presence in the town spread, and the Bedouins began to flock to him intending to obtain blessing, and among them was Sheikh Ibrahim, who took advantage of the opportunity and invited him to attend the wedding of his son, the cleric welcomed and blessed the marriage in advance.

Gabriel also asked him to bless his daughter’s marriage to the son of Solomon. The cleric was silent, then he asked about the groom's religion, then he said that “he is Jewish”, so the man got angry and said firmly that this marriage is not permissible.
A cleric said” according to Sharia that a Muslim man may marry a Jew or a Christian”, while a Muslim woman is only permissible for a Muslim like her.
But, this did not convince Solomon, who said that “the reason for your refusal is discrimination “.
David became angry and expelled Solomon from the meeting but this did not please the Jews.
The meeting ended . The cleric decided to leave, and Sheikh Ibrahim returned to his clan's rackets after he agreed with David to postpone the wedding.

Only a few days passed until the problem happened, where the tribe’s youth found Solomon’s son with the Muslim girl on the outskirts of the tribe.So they arrested and beaten him until they nearly killed him.
David and some notables of the Jews came to release Solomon’s son. Sheikh Ibrahim welcomed them and held a big feast for them, and he took from them a promise, Solomon’s son not to meet the girl again, otherwise his punishment will be severe. The notables of the Jews took Solomon’s son and returned to the town, but Sheikh Ibrahim took David on the side and exchanged a special conversation with him.

After few days, David invited the notables of the Jews to an urgent meeting where he said: “Everyone knows that Constantinople is at war with the Ottomans and the situation is tense they have”, this is an opportunity we cannot miss it.
Kaplan: what is your idea?
David: I see that we are sending a group of us to manage our commercial affairs there.
Kaplan: Who do you propose to take over the task?
David: Solomon and his son.
Kaplan: But why Solomon and his son?
David: Everyone knows that Solomon does not have a large family and is fluent in Latin.
He interrupted Solomon in a sarcastic and sharp tone, but to get rid of me and my son . David's mechanism, what are you saying?
Kaplan:” Unfortunately, what Solomon said is true “, so there is no need for anger or denial. We are aware of everything. Personally,” I did not believe, because whoever told us what you intend to do”, Esther, your second wife and a cousin of Solomon. Where she explained your plan, by sending them to Constantinople, where the Janissary boys will take care of getting rid of them. If I had not heard these words, I would not have believed.
David: All that I did was to preserve what we have achieved.
Kaplan: Rather, for your personal ambitions, and if the affinity takes place between you and Sheikh Ibrahim, your ambition to transform the city into a Principality and you will be the ruler and the owner of the matter.
David : And now what is required of me?
Kaplan : What you have done is treachery and there is no place for traitors among us, so you must to leave the city.
David: It is clear that you have made your decision, so give me a few days in which my family and I are ready to leave.

Later David lifted the sails of his boat, which soon rushed in with the force of the wind away from the city he loved, as if it did not want him to cast a farewell look at it. He left it with sadness filling his heart at the separation of the town that he built and took care of as one of his own children. He left it with his family in the same old boat that they took to its shore with other refugees. He left with the eternal syndrome of abandonment and wandering in search of a home for a citizen without a homeland and as a body without a soul. However, the pain this time is doubled because he was expelled from his people and clan who forgot everything he did for them.

David set off in his boat at sea, and after few days of sailing, he reached the archipelago of the Greek islands, where their boat landed on Saqiz Island, and its purpose was to ask about some of the Christian boys who were freed in the past from the Ottoman pirates. Unfortunately, no found them; because the Ottomans arrested them again and transferred them to the Janissary barracks.

David continued his journey, and after short while, the majestic city appeared, with its high walls and the domes of its huge cathedral, where they were amazed at its vision. His wife approached him asking: What is the name of this great city?
David: it is Constantinople city, so she continued to wonder with awe and amazement.
His wife :” Do not tell me that you are planning to settle down and live there”. He responded with confidence and firmness: “Yes”. Their ship docked and immediately he began to search for the Janissary boys who he wanted to send Solomon and his son to them, but they were on a mission outside the city.

David and his family went to one of the poor neighborhoods, and began to wander around the city and its markets to recognize the needs of the market and the commercial opportunities that he could exploit.

It was not until a few weeks passed that the young men, who had become senior leaders in the army, returned. They did not deny what David did to them and they provided him with all the required facilities. It was not until David became one of the biggest merchants and leaders of the city, and the years passed, but the syndrome of the Jews and their curse struck them again, where the Ottomans annexed the cities surrounding the city, and it became clear that it was a question of when Constantinople was in their hands. So, David decided to leave, and here one of his sons asked: “However, where will our destination be this time”?
He answered: To our home. His son said: “You mean to go home on the island of Mallorca”. David replied: Yes, we will return to an island, but not Mallorca, rather, our homes are on our island in the Berniq.

After a short debate, everyone decided to leave, and they turned with their boat in the direction of the coast of Berniq. They reached it but did not dock in the bay opposite the town. Rather, they chosen to anchorage with their ship in the southern cove of the city, where a new settlement was established which is named Galiana because of the abundant swamps in it.
Here one of his sons asked: When was this town built?
David said:” not long ago, where some Muslim refugees fled Catalonia”. They established some new settlements on the coast of Berniq, north and south of our town, and their locations can be determined by the palm trees that they planted around their settlements. They are people of agriculture in the first place, unlike us Jews who prefer trade.
His son : but why should we live in Galiana and not live in our old town?
David's responded:” You will find the answer to this question by yourself after we settle in the town,” and you must from now have your own vision and know how to deal with life's problems and adapt to its fluctuations and use it to your advantage.

After the arrival of David and his family and their settlement in the town of Galiana, his distinctive talent began to attract people and gather them around him. Especially after the Bedouins learned of his presence in the town. Where visitors flocked to him from the neighboring areas, but no one from his village visited him. Additionally, he could not find any mutual movement of any kind between the two towns. This prompted him to ask a nobleman from the town of Galiana about the reason. He replied :” you have the right to be surprised,” but I will tell you the reason.” After our delegations to this area,” which became a destination and a safe haven for fleeing refugees, who established several settlements on its coast until it became known as the coast of refugees or Costa Revo.
At first we lived in your old town, but we felt from the beginning that we were not welcome, especially after we started working in trade in addition to the handicrafts that we are good at. Initially, we endured harassing them until that day came when we gathered Solomon and he told us if we want to stay among them, we have to wear black caps like the rest of the town’s Jewish residents. However, we did not agree and thus they asked us to leave. After leaving the area, we went to Joseph, the son of Sheikh Ibrahim who became the leader after his father’s death and we asked him to give us a piece of land to establish our settlement on. The Sheikh agreed but stipulated that we establish our settlement on the edge of the Gulf on the opposite side of your old town, and this is what angered them and caused the problems amongst us.
As they began to see us as the cause of the economic stagnation that afflicted them, but the truth is that they have been in this economic recession for a long time and before our delegations to the region, and their economic conditions did not improve until after our stay among them.
Here, David said: things have become clear,” I think the time has come to the confrontation”.
The next morning, he went to his old town, and as soon as he arrived, the people gathered around him, among them Solomon, who asked him “what brought you back after these years had passed”.
David: the reason for that to correct the bad situations that you are in now .You are my nation, and this town is my land and it is like a part of my body.
Solomon: and even to watch how Sheikh Josef destroyed us and took revenge on us for not completing his marriage to your daughter.
David's response: In fact, you are the ones who destroyed yourselves by yourselves, why did you not ask yourselves this question. What prevents Sheikh Josef from expelling you from his land, the answer is simply that he wants to preserve his tribe reputation from good neighbourliness, tolerance and rejection of racism and religious intolerance.He made you create an atmosphere of commercial competition between you and the new arrivals refugees, and this is what brought the benefit and profit to his clan. Look at them how their life situation has changed for the better, thanks to the vision of their wise leadership. They knew how to use your weaknesses of greed, love of money and racism to their advantage. Someone said: what you are saying is true, and for the city to regain its place, you have to come back and live among us. Voices sounded here calling for him to return.
David agreed, and it was not long before the city returned to the economic boom it was in before he left.

However, he was not able to eliminate the resentment endemic in the soul of Solomon and his son, who did not leave his means to stir people against him, but to no avail. Unfortunately, this is the point that David neglected it was the reason for his end. One morning, David was found lying on the ground after he was stabbed treacherously. But, who has done it? It was his second wife Ester who he left in the town after she exposed his secret.
People gathered around him trying to help him and trying to arrest Esther, the perpetrator, but he told them:” Do not tire yourselves; for it is time to leave, it is my fate. Please, do not punish her. I do not want you to occupy yourselves with revenge or hatred”.
His son replied:” but she must be punished for her action”. He replied that “she is just a victim, a victim of jealousy and blind hatred that is rooted in the souls of some people.
Their best punishment lies in the continued growth and prosperity of our city in an atmosphere of love and harmony, built on respect and tolerance”.

David passed away after laying the foundations for peaceful coexistence and societal intermingling between the components of the city he was buried in its cemetery and which still bears his name to this day. Until recently, his first name Michael was still one of the names Bedouin preferred to give to their children.

Daniel:” In the end”, the Jews left the city, and we only took with us from it this rare disease that affects only the Jews of Benghazi
Wife: Who knows? The rare Benghazi Jewish disease syndrome may help scholars eliminate the Corona epidemic.
Samuel: Who knows. After they accused the Jews in the past of being the cause of the plague, they now may have the credit for saving people from the Corona epidemic. Who knows, who knows, who knows!!

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