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Could We Be More Than Just Friends

Could We Be More Than Just Friends

By monroserusher

Since childhood, Robin has been friends with Christina and they did everything together: go to each other’s houses, go to the cinema, shopping, share secrets and comfort each other if they had a problem but Robin wanted more than that. He was in love with Christina since the day they met. What he liked about her was that she had jealousy inducing looks: long blonde hair and pretty face. He also reckoned that she had the body of an angel and dressed well. It wasn’t just her looks he liked. He also liked her personality. Christina was a good hearted girl who looked out for others, funny, intelligent and sweet. Robin had been trying for years to tell Christina how he felt but he was too shy. He had very little confidence and he wished he had more of it. What he didn’t know was that Christina was also mad about him. She liked Robin but she didn’t have enough courage to tell Robin how she felt so she covered up her own feelings by going out with other guys. Christina dated guys who were the opposite of Robin: jerks who loved themselves. If Christina was asked why she was in love with Robin, this is what she would have said: a sweet guy who has a caring nature, makes people feel good about themselves, kind and honest. Robin was no ugly mug either: he had a good cheekbone structure, beautiful green eyes, luscious kissable lips, a tightly shaved head, a breathtaking smile, all of which combined to give him a cute face and his sexy legs, beautiful arms, gorgeous chest, lovely ass and washboard stomach all gave him a hot body and he had a good dress sense. To make it obvious: Christina and Robin were in love with each other but didn’t know how to tell each other how they felt

Robin was at Christina’s eighteenth birthday party and he decided to make his move. He got Christina a bracelet and in his card, he wrote her a poem telling her how he felt about her. He was all ready to make his move but he wasn’t given a chance to do this. Christina already started seeing someone. His name was Kenny and he was known for being a bully. Every ex-girlfriend of Kenny’s broke down crying when they looked back on their relationship with him as he was horrible to them. Robin was heartbroken. Not just because he missed out on yet another chance with Christina but also because he knew Kenny was going to treat her terribly. There were already signs of it as Kenny was flirting with other girls and using chat up lines on them. Christina was in love with Kenny and couldn’t see through his rubbish. Most nights, Christina would go to Robin’s house crying because Kenny was making nasty comments to her. He told her things like, “You should dye your hair because you look like Barbie,” “You’re way too fat so you should go on a diet,” and “Other girls are prettier than you.” Kenny didn’t just make comments to her. When he was meeting his friends, he’d introduce her as “my bitch”, flirt with other girls, laugh whenever she got upset and sleep with other girls behind his back. Robin had enough of Kenny’s treatment of Christina so he spoke to him and asked him to leave her alone. Kenny just laughed into his face and told him to mind his own business

Kenny found out about the feelings Robin had had for Christina since childhood so he used this fact to his advantage. He’d tell his friends, who would have a laugh and a joke about this. Whenever Robin would be down town or in a shop, Kenny or people in his gang would bring this up, and this would drive Robin mad. Eventually, when Kenny and Robin came face to face one day, Kenny told Robin, “I’m better than you because I have Christina.” Robin replied, “If I had her, I’d treat her better than you do.” Kenny said, “At least she finds me interesting. She finds people with confidence sexy,” bringing up the fact that Robin had little confidence. Later on that evening, Robin told Christina that she should dump Kenny as he believed he was no good for her. Christina told this to Kenny, who told Robin to keep his nose out of their business. The next day, Christina told Robin they could no longer be friends

Christina was really angry with Kenny for making her end her friendship with Robin. She wouldn’t speak to him for a few days. Kenny couldn’t have cared less about how upset she was. He just thought of Robin as someone who was trying to break up him and Christina. When Christina eventually spoke to Kenny, she told him about how angry she was that he made her end her friendship with Robin. Kenny just laughed and said, “He’s just a useless little shit who has a crush on you.” Angry, Christina slapped him in the face and told him they were finished

Christina met up with Robin, who was a shoulder to cry on. She told him she was glad that her and Kenny were no longer together and all the rubbish she had to put up with while she was in the relationship. Over the next number of weeks, Christina and Robin did everything together like they always did. If people ever saw them with each other, they would be aware of the attraction between them. Christina still had feelings for Robin but was still recovering from her relationship with Kenny. She was also worried because Robin was her childhood friend and it might have felt weird if they got it together and she was also scared that he would only see her as “just a friend”. Shortly after, Christina spoke to her friend Lisa about her feelings for Robin. Lisa told her, “Chris, you like Robin. You shouldn’t be nervous.” It took Christina a month to pluck up the courage but she was in for a shock. Christina made her move on Robin but he told her, “Christina, I do like you but I have a girlfriend”

“A girlfriend?”, “Christina screamed. Robin asked, “Do you have a problem with it?” Christina lied, “Oh no, I don’t have a problem with it. Can I meet her someday?” Robin said, “I’d love if you met her.” Two days later, Christina met Robin’s girlfriend. Her name was Nancy and she was a goth. She was not the type of girl she expected Robin to be going out with. Nancy and Robin had nothing in common. Robin liked hip hop and R&B music and comedy movies. Nancy was into rock music, e.g. My Chemical Romance, Lostprophets and Fall Out Boy, and horror movies, e.g. Wolf Creek, The Descent. Nancy had black hair, always wore black clothes, a tattoo of a skull head and bones, had pale skin and wore black lipstick and eyeliner. Nancy didn’t exactly make an effort to be nice to Christina. She tutted whenever he had a conversation with her. Not just that but Nancy was bossy towards Robin. She got angry whenever he had a conversation with other girls, wasn’t impressed if he put on any of his hip hop music and was overall bossy

Nancy was nasty to Christina whenever she was with Robin. Some of it was down to jealousy. She was jealous of Christina’s good looks so she said to her, “How much plastic surgery did you get? At least I have natural beauty.” Christina tried to laugh it off but deep down, she was upset. Hearing Nancy say this to her brought back memories of her relationship with Kenny. It wasn’t just her looks Nancy made comments about but it would also be about clothes, men, etc. She told her, “No wonder you can’t get a boyfriend. You’re a whore.” Christina had enough of Nancy’s comments so she slapped her in the face. Nancy pulled her hair in response. The two girls ended up having a fight

Nancy had enough of Christina so she made Robin choose between her and Christina. Robin was in a dilemma. Nancy was his girlfriend but Christina was his childhood friend. That day, Robin and Christina had a fight. Christina complained about Nancy’s treatment of her but Robin said that Nancy told him that she was being mean to her. Christina got mad and told him, “I can’t believe you don’t believe me!” Christina told Robin that she didn’t want to be his friend anymore. Robin screamed, “Fine! I don’t want to be your friend anymore either!” It was there he made his choice. He had chosen Nancy. When he told Nancy he had chosen her, she was so proud. Robin should have been relieved that he had made his choice but he missed Christina. He felt so sad because he had loved her all his life and they had done stuff together since they were children and now all this was gone because of one argument. Robin decided to break up with Nancy. He wanted to tell Christina how he truly felt about her but he was scared that she hated him so he chose to ignore his feelings for a while

A year and a half later, Christina was at university and she was having a great time except she was living with an awful girl named Alex. Christina still had a lot of pain inside her because she hadn’t seen Robin in a year and a half after they had fallen out. She tried to get in touch with him a lot during that time but he would never answer her. One day, Christina was tidying her apartment and since Alex was out, Christina decided to tidy her room. Christina was tidying Alex’s locker and she found a letter addressed to her. It was a letter from Robin. He wrote her a letter, telling her how he felt, how he wished they had never fallen out and he gave her lots of compliments. Christina found more letters from Robin. She also found that he sent a few presents in the post. One of them was a bracelet. Christina lay on the bed crying. Robin sent her letters and presents but she never got to see them because Alex was hiding them from her. She then remembered something. The bracelet that Alex was wearing was actually for her. Christina then found out when Robin wrote his letters. He sent them over a year ago. Christina chose to wait for Alex when she got home. Christina said to Alex, “I believe you’re hiding something from me,” then she showed her the letters Robin wrote to her. She sobbed, “Why, Alex, why?” Alex couldn’t be bothered answering

Christina was at her friend Lisa’s birthday party when she saw Robin. Her heart skipped a beat. She went up to him but he just walked away from her. She followed him but he told her, “I hate you!” Christina told Robin, “I only saw your letters yesterday. My roommate hid them from me the whole time.” Robin let out a sarcastic laugh then he coldly said, “Yeah right! By the way, I’ve moved on.” Heartbroken, Christina ran outside crying. She thought about the life she had since her and Robin fell out. She believed he hated her when the whole time, he had been trying to make it up to her but of course, he wasn’t given the chance to because Alex had been hiding the letters Robin wrote to her. If Christina saw the letters, her and Robin would be in a relationship by now

Christina decided that since Robin no longer wanted to be with her, she should move on from him. She decided to try out the dating scene and go out with other men but the men she went out with were only after one thing and it wasn’t her love. It was then that Christina decided she couldn’t live without Robin. She went over to his apartment to try to get them to become friends again. He opened the door to her then they started kissing each other. One thing led to another and before they knew it, they were making passionate love to each other. Christina thought she had her man but the next morning, Robin broke some news to her. He was getting married. Christina was heartbroken. Robin said, "You had your chance with me but you never answered my letters." In tears, she said, " I never got to see them until a month ago." Robin said, "That excuse again." Christina said, "Why won't you believe me?" then walked off upset

A month later, Christina got a shock that would change her life. She was pregnant. With Robin's baby. Christina was in despair. She thought about all her options then decided she would keep the baby. Christina still had a dilemma. She didn't know if she would let Robin know. He was getting married so he would have other things to worry about but it was his baby so he had a right to know so Christina decided she would write him a letter letting him know about the baby but at the post office, there was a mix up which meant that Robin never got to see the letter

Eight months later, Robin was preparing to get married but he had a lot on his mind for the last nine months. He realised he still loved Christina. On the day of the wedding, he bumped into her former roommate Alex. She told him that she hid his letters to Christina, which was why she had never got to see them. Robin realised that Christina was telling the truth and she had never got to see them. When he was saying his vows at the church, instead of saying, "I do," he said, "I don't." Within seconds of leaving the church, he went off to search for Christina. He didn't know where she was living so he spent ages searching for her. Meanwhile, a heavily pregnant Christina was at home when she was starting to get contractions. She called her friend Lisa, who had been a good support to her during the pregnancy. Straight away, Lisa brought her to hospital and was by her side during the labour. While in labour, Christina started thinking about Robin then asked herself, "Why does he have no interest in his baby?" That evening, she gave birth to a 8lb 2oz baby boy. She looked at him and felt love for him but she felt a tinge of sadness as his dad wasn't there for this happy occasion

The next morning, Robin received a letter. One which was eight months too late. It was his letter from Christina. He recognised the writing and opened it with trembling hands. He got a shock when he saw the letter. In it, she told him she was expecting his baby. Robin went over to Christina’s house but found she wasn’t there. He went over to the maternity ward then found where she was. Christina didn’t want to see Robin at first but in the end, she asked to see him. Christina asked, “Why didn’t you contact me when I wrote to you?” He said, “I only got your letter this morning.” Christina said, “At least say something original, Robin. Go back to your wife and don’t bother me or my baby.” Robin told her, “I didn’t get married and I really did get your letter this morning. I still love you but if you don’t love me back, at least let me be a dad to our baby”

That evening, Robin lay in bed crying. He couldn't believe he had only found out now about his child. If he found out earlier, he would have prepared Christina for the baby's birth and maybe built a relationship with her. He felt he could have had it all. Back at the hospital, Christina thought about everything. She thought about what Robin said about only getting his letters that morning. She heard that other people had got late letters so maybe Robin had been telling the truth. She decided she was going to see Robin first thing when she came out of hospital. Later on, when she came over to see him, he welcomed her with open arms. She told him she loved him and wanted for her, him and the baby to be a family. Her and Robin had a conversation and they agreed to develop a relationship and raise their child together

Straight away, Robin adjusted to fatherhood. He bonded with his son and his son's eyes brightened when he saw his dad, which was an obvious sign that father and son had bonded. Christina said that since Robin was so good with their baby, she'd let him name the baby. Robin chose to name the baby Adam. Even though fatherhood was so sudden for Robin, he turned out to be a really good father. He did a very good job of helping Christina look after Adam. Christina was so impressed by Robin's parenting skills. She realised that if Robin wasn't there to help her with the baby, she wouldn't have been able to cope by herself. When Adam was six months old, Christina's mother suggested her and Robin should take a break from minding the baby for a night. Christina thought this was a really good idea so this way, she'd have time to make a move on Robin. The reason Christina didn't have any time to develop a relationship with Robin was because they were so busy looking after baby Adam that they would be too tired for love. That night, Robin and Christina went out for a meal together then they went to stay in a hotel. The attraction between Robin and Christina was obvious. They looked into each other's eyes and they started kissing. That night, they made love to each other. The next morning, Robin asked Christina out on a date. To his joy, she said yes

Robin and Christina decided to take things slowly. They built their relationship on love and trust. They also managed to balance things by halves: one half of their day would be spent looking after Adam and the other half of their day would be spent on their relationship. Some days, they'd take a break from looking after Adam so they'd have a night to themselves but one event cemented their love. One night, when their child was nine months old, Robin and Christina came home from a night out to find their house was on fire. As they had a babysitter, Adam was in the house so immediately, Robin ran in to save his life even if he was risking his own life in the process. Straight away, him and Christina tried to figure out who was behind this then they learned the babysitter did this. Christina and Robin were in shock as the one person they trusted nearly killed their baby boy. Once Christina got over the shock of what had happened, she realised that Robin was the one for her and this strengthened her love for him as he was so heroic, having risked his own life to save his. This made her so lucky to have him as could have lost them both in the process

It was Adam's first birthday so Robin decided to propose to Christina. He chose this event as it was a special moment for the whole family. Once Adam had his candle blown out, Robin went down on one knee and proposed to Christina. Christina's immediate response was yes. She said, "I'd marry a man who ran into a burning building and saved our child's life." No one was surprised by the news of Christina and Robin's engagement. Everyone had expected them to get together over the years but they couldn't believe it took them a long time to get together but then again, did the path to true love ever run smoothly? Christina and Robin were married six months later. They had a ceremony and everyone was so happy for the couple. It's a year later and Christina, Robin and Adam are still a happy family. Christina is six months pregnant with the couple's second child, her and Robin have got good jobs and recently got a new home together. They are so happy together and are so grateful to have each other in their lives. They nearly came close to having nothing but they're so grateful for the happiness they have today

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