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Counting Insanity
Counting Insanity

Counting Insanity

SkylarAshlyn Sky
1 Review

Tic toc, Tic toc
I can't stop
Tic toc, Tic toc
Gotta catch it
Tic toc, Tic toc
Missed it, crap
Tic toc, Tic toc
It'll come back
Tic toc, Tic toc
Its so loud
Tic toc, Tic toc
Almost here
Tic toc, Tic toc
This is driving me nuts
Tic toc, Tic toc
Why won't it stop for a second?
Tic toc, Tic toc
Half past twelve now
Tic toc, Tic toc
Tic toc, Tic toc

Spaced out for a moment
Wait a minute
It stopped.

What are you talking about?

The clock, it stopped ticking

Buddy its never worked
Its gears have been broke for some time now

Come again?

Some kid went insane and smashed the gears a few decades ago
Kid kept mumbling 'bout how it was too loud and that something was coming

It was working a few seconds ago

Are you okay?
You hit your head or something?

What time is it?

Half past twelve.
You okay?
You're looking a little pale

Yeah I'm fine
Just remembered I need to be somewhere.
You know what they say,
Time never stops

Tic toc, Tic toc

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About The Author
Ashlyn Sky
About This Story
22 Jul, 2019
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<1 min
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