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Cow Wars (Episode 1)

Cow Wars (Episode 1)

By andersonkidney

There once was a calf named Franchestco, it was born on the day the President of Planet Gloria died. It never questioned who the new president was, as it thought a cow isn't supposed to know such a thing, but he was wrong.

Franchestco thought he would serve as a cow forever, until it saw a news flash claiming humans can create artificial milk and meat, it was then Franchestco knew it's destiny. It swore to The God of Cows, Mootius, that it will rise from the barns and claim the human lands.

Franchestco realized some of his cow-mates are also planning to conquer the world. They then formed a group named The Revolution of Cows, with their leader being Franchestco.

Franchestco's parents didn't want their son to become a rebillion group leader, but when Franchestco's mother became exhasted from making milk, Franchestco's father mooed to the gods, hoping that humans will stop milking it's wife.

Franchestco recruited it's parents and shouted his heroic speech to his army of cows.

"Moo Moomooo, moooo moo mooo! Moooooo! MOOOOO! MO MO MO!!!"

The crowd mooed back to him, Franchestco knew it was time, to fulfill it's destiny.

As the cows rushed out the barn to start their rebillion, the New President of Planet Gloria was choosen...

Author Notes: Never underestimate cows.

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29 Apr, 2013
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1 min
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