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Crazii Love Part 2

Crazii Love Part 2

By BrokenDyingAngel

Continued..... He put his arms around my waist and I one arm on his shoulder and the other on the mid point of his back. I layed my head on his shoulder mmmm smelling his cologne (AXE! sexyiest scent on a guy EVER!) We moved around to the rythm of our beating hearts and I swear I could literally see the sparks flying. I looked him in the eyes and I looked at his lips he smiled and we kissed! Mmmm his lips are soft. I smiled and said,"You know I like when you loose control it's cute and fun" but ofcourse it didn't quite turn out that way a I probably was a babbling moron but whatever he smiled. I finally said yeah my brains not right I'm kinda fried he laughed I had to go so we where hand in hand until ofcourse we got to the part where everyone is. Then I told my bestfriend and she asked him about it and then we don't speak for months. Months later he said " hey new girl you look cute". He winked at me to let me know he knew it was me. After that we talked on the second to last day of school me and Kyra were talking and I was talking about I learned how to kiss from a guy. Alex smiles and asks what did I learn from a guy. He was also talking about me being a bad girl flirtaciously. Later that that day I was running from my friend, William and I dropped my flip-flops and when I cam back they were gone. I looked for about ten minutes and here comes Alex and Chris walking up to me laughing and giving me back my flip-flops. I was grinding on my friend and I felt someone watching me and Guess who? That's right Alex! He was talking to his friends saying I told you she likes girls! Anyway I really stole his heart on the last day. He keeps telling me how goood I looked. He also says I'm good at dancing and I have style and hits on me still. Love ya Alex

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25 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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