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Crazii Love

Crazii Love

By BrokenDyingAngel

Well when I was fourteen I had a crush on a family friend's nephew Alex. We had a mutual crush but Alex's friends don't like me so he acts like he dosen't like me infront of them. If I'm confusing you I'll try to explain. So when I was in science class and his friends weren't around we were talking and i looked up in his eyes,and our eyes locked for like ten minutes then we were interupted by Mr. Skibber. He turned of the all the lights but the ones over us and he said "we have a case of servere case of the googly eyes". Also that same day i was trying to get some paperclips from a huge ball of paper clips. So I shook it and got some paperclips and Alex says I know you know how to "shake it." ( he saw me at the dance a week before) After what Mr.Skibber did Me and Alex didn't talk for a week. When we finally did talk since I did a lot of flirting with him I decided to have a little thing where we see whos a bigger flirt we both made eachother flinch alot so I guess we were tied. One of his friends saw him put his arms around me and confronted him about it then again we didn't speak. He told me that he keeps dreaming about me.Then a day later I would tell him I dream about him to and he acts like he dosen't know what I'm talking about.When I flirt with you,you tell me I'm making it hard for you to control yourself. Then yet again we don't talk. Then when I call him when he is alone he would come and flirtaciously and excitingly say yes lady?" in his hot cubin accent. Then your friends see you talking to me and we don't speak again. I stand behind you in the line and you say "oh no not you" and I tell you I won't talk to you you stare me in the eyes and move close to me until you are an inch from my face and smile and say "really?" And I squirm and you smile and step back. Veronica asks you if we are dating and you say no I'm ugly then that same day I say I love you and Then playfully rub your arm and you wrap your arms around me and pull me closer and
To be cont.

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About This Story
25 Jun, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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