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A Cruel Twist Of Fate

A Cruel Twist Of Fate

By monroserusher

Sara was nearly eighteen and had everything going for her. She was pretty with red brown hair and brown eyes. Her family were getting on and loved Sara a lot. She did well in school and teachers said she'd get herself a good job. And she had good friends: Coleman, Nicole, Tommy, Grace and Stevie. She should have been happy but she wasn't. She was madly in love with her childhood friend Coleman. For years, Sara has been crazy about him but couldn't tell him how she felt. When she tried to tell him how she felt, either she couldn't find the courage to do it or she found out he was with someone else. Her past boyfriends weren't very good either. There was Lewis who cheated on her and she went out with Rob who wasn't exactly very good to her. Her eighteenth birthday was in a few weeks and while she tried to look forward to it, she didn't have Coleman. If Sara was asked to describe Coleman, this is what she would have said: he had a cute face with luscious kissable lips, beautiful green eyes, a very good cheekbone structure, a tightly shaved head except for when he grew his hair, a hot body, a good dress sense and a good personality. He was a shoulder to cry on when she was upset, made her laugh with all his jokes, was always up for a conversation and an overall nice guy. To make this obvious: Sara's birthday wish was to be Coleman's girlfriend

It was Sara's eighteenth and she had a huge party. Her friends were there and she also had her cousins there. Minutes later, Sara opened the door and Coleman had come, looking gorgeous. He had a black pants and white shirt on which Sara thought looked hot on him. Coleman saw what Sara was wearing and all his thoughts turned to sex. She had a blue top, light blue shirt and white shoes. Unknown to Sara, Coleman liked her too but couldn't find the courage to tell her how he felt. Just as he was about to tell her how hot she was, his girlfriend Paris came to the party. Paris was a blonde girl who was caked in make-up and fake tan, ate very little food, wore very little clothes and was an airhead. She wasn't invited to Sara's party but turned up anyway as Coleman was there. She made herself the centre of attention at someone else's party. She flirted with all the boys and walked round like she was the birthday girl. Paris' bitchy behaviour spoiled Sara's birthday and she ran into the bedroom in tears. Coleman went to Sara's bedroom so she could cry on his shoulder. She told him she was looking forward to this day but Paris ruined it. Coleman decided to make up for the crap birthday Sara had so the next day, he brought her out shopping then took her out for a meal and brought her to the cinema. Coleman and Sara were in her room and the attraction was obvious. They were about to kiss but he said, "Sara, I can't do this. I'm sorry." Coleman wanted to kiss Sara but he was dating Paris

Shortly after, Sara was in the library when she met Theodore. He seemed kind and brought her home after spending the day together but shortly after, Sara saw his true colours. He was aggressive and violent. He would often get into a rage and hit Sara but he always apologised and promised never to do it again. But he'd always do it again. One day, when they were having a fight, he hit Sara in the face and she had a black mark on it. Another day, he cut her lip. She tried covering them with make-up but eventually, Sara's friend Grace saw the marks on her face. She knew Theodore was doing this but Sara denied it. And Theodore didn't just beat her up. He started to control her. He banned her from seeing her friends, only wore the clothes he liked, was forced to go on a diet and dye her hair. Theodore told Sara that no-one liked her and that she was ugly. One day, when Theodore was out, Sara phoned Coleman and confided in him. He came to see her within minutes. Coleman was comforting Sara until Theodore came in. He saw Sara with Coleman. Theodore threw Coleman out and attacked Sara. He hit her until she collapsed. In hospital, Sara's friends came to visit. Her friend Stevie tried to get Sara to get rid of Theodore. He was no good for her. She wanted to but he had a hold over her. Every night, Sara woke up with nightmares about Theodore's abuse. One evening, she decided enough was enough. She confided in Coleman, who came with her for support. When Sara told Theodore she didn't want to see him anymore, he got aggressive and punched her then attacked Coleman so badly he broke his leg

While Coleman's leg was healing, Paris didn't come to see him but Sara was there for him instead. She'd help look after him, cheer him up when he couldn't play football, bring him out down town and enjoy conversations with him. Coleman was grateful for her help. Sara felt appreciated because Coleman was good to her. He'd make her feel comfortable, be a shoulder to cry on, listen to her and make her feel good, all of which she could never get from Theodore. Coleman decided Sara deserved something in return and he got her a necklace and a watch, both of which were very expensive. Once Coleman's leg was better, Paris was back on the scene. Sara's friend Tommy, who was her cousin said to Paris, "The cheek of you. You only come back when Coleman's leg is okay. Why couldn't you have looked after him?" She said, "Not my responsibility." Grace joined in and said, "What were you doing while Sara was looking after him? Getting your nails done?" Paris just laughed and walked off. Coleman tried to make things work with Paris for a while afterwards but Sara was on his mind. She was everything Paris was not: had a brain, beautiful, knew her own mind, had ambitions, funny, looked out for other people. With Paris, it was all me, me, me. All she talked about was herself, from daddy's five star hotel to the latest in fashion. She never asked him how his day went, how he coped while his leg was broken or any questions about him. Paris was only worried about Paris. Coleman decided to end things with Paris. When he did this, she was crying hysterically. She sobbed, “How could you dump me? I add beauty and interest to the world. I'm smart, beautiful, rich and have everything going for me!" Seconds later, Paris screamed, "You're dumping me for Sara? How could you like her? She's boring and not much to look at!" Coleman said, "Because she's different to you!"

Although Coleman had dumped Paris to be with Sara, he decided to wait a while before making a move on her. He didn't want to rush things straight away. For the next few weeks, they were doing things together: going to the movies, shopping, going for walks, have lunch together, meeting each other's friends and going to each other's houses. One night, Coleman and Sara were watching The Omen on TV. Sara was finding the film scary so to distract her, Coleman leaned over and gave her a kiss. Sara responded by kissing him back. The two of them kissed for a few minutes then Coleman said, "Sara, I've tried for ages to tell you how I feel but each time, I backed out." Sara said, "I want us to have a relationship." Coleman and Sara took things slowly. He wanted to do that so Sara would feel comfortable in their relationship. Sara felt secure when she was with Coleman. He made sure she felt safe, made her happy, gave her what she wanted and respected her feelings, totally different to when she was with Theodore. For the next three years, Sara and Coleman were madly in love with each other. They hardly ever argued and spent lots of time together. Sara described Coleman as an excellent and unselfish lover who was a great kisser. One day, Coleman decided he was going to propose to Sara. He bought the ring but he never got to ask her the question

On his way to see Sara, Coleman got hit by a car. The car was bombing on the road and the person driving didn't even know they had hit Coleman. Back at home, Sara was calling Coleman as he was late. An hour later, Tommy called Sara and told her that Coleman had been hit by a car. Sara dashed to the hospital and found him in a coma. He remained there for six months and Sara stayed by his bedside every day. Coleman woke from his coma. Paris was by his bedside. Coleman didn't recognise her so he asked her who she was. Paris told him she was his girlfriend. Sara came to visit but Coleman didn't recognise her so Paris told him she was a stalker. Freaking out, Coleman said, "Leave, or I'll get a court order against you." Before Coleman came home from hospital, Paris went into his apartment and got rid of anything to do with Sara and put in pictures of herself. Sara was heartbroken at Coleman's rejection but she understood as he had memory loss. She asked if he'd ever get his memory back. She was told he'd get it back eventually. Sara decided that since Coleman was convinced Paris was his girlfriend, she'd move on with her life. Sara was walking in the park when she met George. He was twenty five, well dressed, well spoken and had brown hair. Sara did like him but he was no Coleman. While Sara was with George, Coleman believed he was in love with Paris. He was made to believe that he liked her being in control of things. He had no recollection of Sara. Sara bonded with George's daughter, whose mother dumped her on him when she was born. She liked that he loved his daughter and he looked out for her. Three months after being together, Sara and George got engaged. She was so happy about this but she still had a place in her heart for Coleman. Nine months later, Coleman got his memory back. He remembered everything. Sara, getting hit by a car and his plans to propose to her. Angrily, he told Paris, "I never want to see you again, you manipulative liar!" Coleman raced over to see Sara. Shocked, she felt stuck in the middle. She loved Coleman but she was with George. So she had to make a choice. Sara decided to stay with George. She told George she loved him, but he said, "You love Coleman more," and ended it with her. Sara went to see Coleman but she was too late. He had left town

Sara tried to call Coleman's mobile but he had it turned off. She tried asking Coleman's mother where he was but she wouldn't tell her. Sara wouldn't budge and kept asking where Coleman was. Sara was told that Coleman had gone to London. Sara got the first plane to London. She found Coleman but he said, "You had your chance with me but you chose George. Now get out of my life for good." Coleman still loved Sara, but he was still upset with her for choosing George over him. Crying, Sara sobbed, "I wanted to choose you but I felt it was right to stay with George. George knew of my love for you, which is why he broke off our engagement." Coleman said, "It's too late for us to get back together." Sara went back home heartbroken. Two months later, Coleman came back home. He still loved Sara but he decided to move on. He had a girlfriend with him. She was called Francine. When Coleman saw Sara, he just looked at her and walked on. Sara decided to try again to win Coleman back until she met Francine. When Francine laid eyes on Sara, she gave her a bad look as she knew about Sara's history with Coleman. Francine wasted no time in making bitchy comments to Sara. She told her, "Coleman's better off without some slut like you." That evening, Sara confided in her roommate Jodi, who told her, "You've been infatuated with Coleman for years. Isn't it time to find someone new?" Before Sara could answer, Jodi told her, "We're going clubbing tonight. I'm going to pair you up with someone." That night, Sara and Jodi were in the club and Jodi asked her, "Is there anyone there who takes your fancy?" Sara didn't answer. Jodi then realised that Sara would never get over Coleman, no matter how hard she tried to. In tears, she sobbed, "I blew things with him. If I had chosen him instead of George, him and I would probably be out on a date right now." Jodi tried to get Coleman to speak to Sara but he couldn't be convinced to. The truth was that Coleman was crazy in love with Sara and wanted to dump Francine to be with her but every time he thought about it, he remembered how she chose George over him which she was still upset about. Not just that but he was being too stubborn to come clean about his true feelings for Sara

Months later, Coleman proposed to Francine and she said yes. The couple had an engagement party. Reluctantly, Sara came to the party. Francine couldn't resist making another dig at Sara. She said, "That would've been you and Coleman's party if he hadn't been hit by that car." Not understanding what she said, she asked Coleman's brother and he told her that on the night that Coleman got knocked down, he was on his way to propose to her. Heartbroken, Sara ran home crying. She wouldn’t leave the house for a week. She didn't eat as she had lost her appetite. All she did was listen to her and Coleman's special song and looked at photographs of her and Coleman in happier times. Sara heard a knock on the door. She answered it and saw it was Coleman. He coldly told her, "You're pathetic. You can't move on from our relationship. Getting hit by that car told me something. We were never meant to be together. I've moved on. I'm getting married in a month. Our relationship is finished. Done. Dusted. Over. Ended. Move on and find someone else. I have." What Coleman really wanted to say was, "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you," but Francine made him say this to Sara

That night, Coleman thought about what he said to Sara then he realised that Francine was a bitch who was set on hurting Sara. He broke up with Francine shortly after. That evening, he thought about life since being hit by that car and he realised he treated Sara awfully. He wanted to say sorry to her but he feared he blew things with her so he went on holiday to New York. What he didn't know was that Sara was also there. Sara went to New York as she decided she needed a holiday to clear her head. She decided she didn't need a man to be happy and was going to enjoy the single life. When she saw Coleman, she said nothing to him and walked on. Coleman followed her and said, "Sara, please listen to me. I was such a bastard to you and I want to make it up to you." Sara said, "By getting out of my life forever!" Heartbroken, Coleman said, "I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you." Sara screamed, "You're too late!," and walked off. That night, Coleman and Sara had an argument. Sara told him, "You bastard. You think you can just swan back into my life when it suits you." Upset, Coleman told her, "I realised the error of my ways." Sara laughed then mocked Coleman. Before he left, he said, "Take a look at what you're throwing away," then he gave her the ring he was going to propose to her with. Angrily, she said, "I can't wait to get my revenge on you." When Coleman left, Sara phoned up Francine and told her about Coleman trying to win her back. Francine told her, "Why does it matter to me? Coleman dumped me before going to New York." Sara said, "Sorry, I thought he was still with you." Sara looked at the ring and felt sad. Coleman did love her. He loved her enough to want to marry her. She thought about the night Coleman got hit by that car then imagined how things could've turned out if he hadn't been hit by that car. Her and Coleman would probably be happily married by now

A week later, Coleman and Sara went home separately. Both of them were thinking about each other. Coleman wished he wasn't such a jerk to Sara while Sara wished she spoke to Coleman in New York. That evening, Sara heard a knock on the door. It was Coleman. He said to Sara, "We've been friends for years so there's no point in throwing away many years of friendship." Sara was delighted to be speaking to Coleman again although she wished he wanted them to get back together. She had an idea to get her and Coleman back together. She would recreate the night her and Coleman got it together. She rented the same movie they watched that night in the hope that Coleman would distract her while the scary scenes were on or better than that, she would distract him. That night, they watched the movie and Sara chose to make her move. She started by putting her arm around him and leaning in for a kiss. Coleman figured what she was up to and said, "Sara, please don't." Minutes later, he asked, "Why are you doing this?" Sara cried, "Because I love you!" Coleman then said, "You're wasting your time, Sara," then he left her apartment

For the next two weeks, Sara tried to avoid Coleman until she met him in the park. He asked Sara, "Do you ever think about what would have happened if I hadn't been hit by that car?" Sobbing, Sara says, "All the time. It breaks my heart to think about the fact that you were on your way to propose to me." Coleman said, "Getting hit by that car changed me for the worse. I pushed away the one woman I care about so much." Sara sobs, "It's not your fault. Paris should be to blame. She told lies to you and that tore us apart, Coleman. Because of that, we had the whole thing with George which soured things up for us." Coleman said, "I never stopped loving you, Sara. I tried to deny it but I can't do it anymore. I love you. Always have, always will." It started raining then Sara says, "How about a little kiss in the rain?" Coleman says, "I'm dying to kiss you," then they kissed passionately in the rain. Coleman and Sara walked home together then he stayed the night at her apartment. The next morning, Coleman says, "Would you like for us to be together again?" Sara says, "I would love that," then they kissed each other again

Two years later, Coleman eventually got to propose to Sara. To his delight, she said yes. Coleman proposed by preparing dinner for her at home and surprised her by putting the ring in her dessert. Sara was so thrilled when she found the ring and said, "I've been waiting for this moment for so long." Coleman and Sara had a romantic ceremony when they got married. They got married in front of their friends and family and everyone toasted to a happy future for the couple. Today, Coleman and Sara are still happily married five years later. Sara is expecting twin girls and her and Coleman are looking forward to their arrival. Sara and Coleman treasure life every day. The happiness they have today nearly didn't happen but it did

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