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By vampirelover

Hi,I'am crystal,I'am 6.My daddy died 2 years ago,when I was 4.Today,i found out he never did leave,because he saved me from a car crash!Me and mommy where going to the store,when a drunk driver hit us.I still don't know what drunk means,but I'll find out.Anyway,then another car hit us,I was scaried,my mommy was in the front seat,not moving.I cried.Then,I heard my daddy.He grabbed me and my mommy and flew out of the car.He laid me and mommy on the top.He touched mommy and a yellow light glowed.Now I saw her and daddy flying.They went up and left.Police came and took me to the doctor with my mommy,too.They said I was ok but my mommy had left.They took me to a strange building and left me their with lot's of other kids.I knew mommy did not leave,not even daddy left!They came to me every night until a guy went to the building and got me.That night,he hit me and kicked me.It hurt really bad.I wish my mommy and daddy where there.Blood covered everything in the dark room as he left me there.I closed my eyes and when i opened them I saw daddy touching me.The yellow light came and I had wings!I flew up and saw mommy and god.Now I was with them,I knew they never left! I now fly with them everywhere,if you ever see me while you are in troble,you know I'll save you,because my daddy saved me and my mommy,I want to save people,too!

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10 Nov, 2011
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1 min
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