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jade , yes mom get up and go to school mom please i dont want to i get bullied watever just go so jade went to schol or that was her plan instead she waited to 11:20 that was the time when her mom went to work so jade went i her house and opened her closet her school soon caled her house she didn't answer but they called her mom her mom had the feeling she wasnt i school so she called back they said her daughter is absent Ms.abby was frightning all day she tolfd everyone to look for her it was a quarter till 10 she ran home to see if her daughter was there maybe sleeping or hiding she ran up to her room and saw nothing she looked in her closet and saw her lifeliss body dangaling from her studded belt her mother trie to un tangle her she dropped on the floor her mother was shaking so much she couldnt even look at her daughter she called the ambulance they soon arrived 30 min later she was pronounced dead her mother cied and soon passed out it was a week later and her daughter casket was lowering in the ground her mother had nothing to live for so she fell in the whole with her none saw she was buried alive with her daughter and as dirt fell upon them she made her way into the casket her daughter was blue she kissed her and whispered we are still together THIS IS A MESSAGE TO EVRYONE MAINLY KIDS PLEASE BULYING HURTS YOU ND OTHERS THIS CAN CAUSE SUICIDE AND ALSO JUST DEPRESSION AND FOR ALL THE ABUSIVE UNINCOURAGING PARENTS OUT THERE PLEASEJUST GIVE YOUR KIDS SOME LOVE OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM

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16 Jul, 2013
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