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Dad! No! :'(

Dad! No! :'(

By JoseJonesBoohoo

You, you person reading this. you dont know wht its like! to have a dad who only wants to see you suffer and have no friends, i hate my life.
Last night i was minding my own business watching Downtown Abbey and drinking Jack Daniels and my dad came home. he had been drinking, as usual. normally when he comes home drunk, he knocks mom om around, like a beast. but tonight i wasnt so lucky. my mom died last week of cancer, a reall rare kind which causes people to die. so she wasnt home last night so i had to take the beating. he ploughed his fist across my cheek and my tooth flew out of my mouth like when popcorn pops and flies out of the pan. blood dripped from my mouth like a broken bottle of calpol. he grabbed my by the hair and smashed my in the stomach.
i was cowering on the ground, thinking tht hed had enuff and waned to show mircy. but he instead pulled my up from the ground and started taking off my pants.
"dad, no!" i said, but he didnt care, "fuck you dad you are drunk" i continued, but he just kept on undressing me until all i was wearing were the wristbands i use to hide my self harm scars. he whipped out his chunky throbbing gash mallet and took my from behind. i closed my eyes and thought of mom, but that just made things worse because it made it seem abit like she was the one raping me, so instead i thought of my baby brother who died of cot-death but i still think hes soul is alive . after what seemed like forever, dad finished and left my lying on the ground, a broken mess leaking tears, blood and frothy santorum. dad wen to bed and i picked myself up and watched the rest of Iron Chef Australia. i couldnt enjoy it, because i knew that after that ordeal i must be pregnant whith my dads baby. when is born that baby will be my only friend. i cant wait.

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12 Jan, 2012
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