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Daddies little soldier

Daddies little soldier

By lillith123

I have had rough competitions through the years. Every day i wake up at 6 and get my dress on, Blue stars and a pink shooting star. My lucky dress i call it. Every competition i go to i wear it. I spend hours on the ice in the morning. I do my axels and spins my dad watching me. But my last competition was different. I went to the rink alone. I tied my skates up in the dressing room alone. I walked out onto the ice alone. I practiced alone. The whole time i was wishing my daddy was there but my mom told me i'd do great. Knowing my dad wasn't the got me upset. I cried all the way to the competition.

In my head i could hear my dad say " Do you remember why you skate? Or has it been to long? That little girl in the dressing room 9 years ago is here today. She's alone but not alone at heart. Her Daddy is with her all the time. He will help her through this competition today. And she will win. She will go in that dressing room today and put those skates on without crying for her Daddy. Cause he is here."

I walked into the rink that night with my dress and skate bag. I signed in and walked to the room all my friends were there to greet me. They knew what i was going through. But they said they were always there for me.

So that night, I put on my skates and dress stepped onto the ice and gave it my all. I forced a smile on my face but my friends and family new it was fake. But at the end i smiled and knew it was real cause my dad was here in my heart.

I'm my Daddies little soldier. He died 3 nights before my competition. He had been shot in Afghanistan and died at the hospital. But all the medals hanging on my wall. Everyone single one out of 250 are dedicated to my Dad. Because he's the reason why they are there.

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1 May, 2011
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