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By cumber

She calls him daddy, each time she jumps out of her little house. Her lips utter the magic words as her eyes glisten with somewhat something that looks like happiness.

He doesn’t say a word but the shiver of his skin, or what is supposed to be skin, somewhat feels like love.

She squeezes his fingers with her little tiny hand as she drags him to her favorite playground, rushing him as if there was no tomorrow, “come daddy, let’s play”

He lets his heavy body tumble and get dragged as he catches himself in the flickering light of a nearby glass.

“why are making funny faces? Come on daddy, let’s play”
“I …. I … I … can …’t”
“why? come on let’s play!”

She wraps her arms around his and screams in a somewhat authoritative tone “lift me up, let’s do the plane”

He obeys instinctively and lift his arm as hard as he can, shrieks of joy and happiness flowing out of his little girl

“come on, higher!”
“I love you daddy!”

Small tears come out of his eyes as the words hit him like a freight train
“I love you daddy!”

He looks again at the glass as tears starts to flow heavily from his eyes


 He screams all his agony as things vibrate all around him, for a moment he forgot that he was no more than a trapped soul in a metal shell. For a moment, he forgot that she was a dead’s ghost.

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5 Apr, 2016
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1 min
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