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Daddy Is Coming Home
Daddy Is Coming Home

Daddy Is Coming Home

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Oh my God 36 more days! 36 more days and he are going to be coming Home! He is coming home today!
I am so excited and nervous. I do not know what to do! I can't believe it! He is actually coming home. I still have the letter he sent me almost a month ago "Dear bugaboo I love you and I miss you so much.I'm so proud of you.I'll be home in 36 more days I promise." I hope he keeps this promise, he never keeps any of the promises he has made so far.

You see my dad has been in the army since I was one year old. I am currently 16 And have not ever met him.I constantly find myself thinking about what he said. "I am so proud of you." How can someone who has never met you, never called you, never even tried to get to know you, proud of you? Sometimes I ask myself is he my father or a stranger I've been waiting my entire life to meet. I wish I could go to my mom and ask questions about dad.

But my mother burnt all the pictures and threw his clothes away, it's also hard to talk to her because she blames me for my father leaving. She hates me. She said my father won't come here because I'm just a disappointment. Maybe she's right.All she ever does is sit in bed and cry all day. I don't know why, do you not have children mother! Me and my brother? Why don't you ever stop crying? Do you think I don't miss him?

That I do not want him to come Home! That Angel doesn't miss him. That is the only way I have a vague image of what my father looks like or who he was, it's because of my older brother Angel.Hey, mom remember how dad did not even come home on my birthday like he was supposed to! Remember that mother!

Remember when we threw that huge party and we invited everyone from the neighborhood.Remember how we replaced the "Happy birthday" banner on the front of our house with the 'Welcome home hero". One hour went by but he's a soldier he is allowed to come home late. Then two, three, four, five, six hours passed and finally it was midnight. Remember how I stayed up all night hoping he would show up but he never came didn't even call.If he loves us why is he gone? Please, Rebecca, tell me why I can't have a normal life like you, joy, Alice. Yeah, I'll see you later bye Rebecca.

Why isn't he here holding me, loving me? He missed my first steps, my first kiss, my first word, my first everything. He doesn't even know what I look like. You know he is already two hours late. I don't understand why I'm still waiting for him. Maybe it's because he promised me. You know he never keeps his promises. He isn't even coming. Why would he? If he truly wanted to come home he would have already been here. You know it's funny I usually get two to three letters every month. I haven't gotten one in a while. Maybe he is really busy and hasn't had time to write any letters. Maybe I should just give up already.Might as well clean before my mother comes out and screams at me.Wait what's that noise.There is a car coming up the driveway, oh my god is that him? The car is coming to the stop. Oh, my god, there is here! He's stepping out of the car!

Mom, angel dad's home! I can't believe it, I had lost all hope that he was going to show up. He finally kept his promise to me. I run up to the door open it and wrap my arms around my dad." I missed you dad welcome home". He slowly peels my arms off, disgust laced in his voice "I'm not your father, get me your mother, your real father will be here in five minutes. "What do you mean you're not my father? You have the uniform and everything" "Get your mother, now!" he says raising his voice. "Mom someone is here for you".

She walks out and looks at me "Go to your room lily". "Why mom? Who is this?", "Go to your room!" she says tears running down her face. I take a deep breath and walk to my room slamming the door.

I sit next to the door trying to listen to the conversation.It's been almost an hour. A few more minutes past and my mother burst into my room. "Lily, we need to talk, your father will not be coming home today, he has been identified and his funeral will be on Sunday", " What do you mean?" "He's dead lily it's all your fault you stupid ugly child." " He can't be dead, he promised, He promised me he would be home. He cannot be dead" my mother stares at me anger filling her I've seen this face before, she raises her hand and slaps me in the face. She leaves my room. I run to the bathroom. I open the cabinet and grab a random bottle, this bottle holds my life, I dump the contents in my hand and swallow my fear, the regret, the hope, the disappointment. It looks like I'll be seeing daddy a whole lot sooner than I thought.

Author Notes: This book is fiction

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26 Feb, 2017
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4 mins
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