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Dancing to the Music of Life

Dancing to the Music of Life

By adhie12

Love hurts, love scars, love wounds.. Most of the time that's what we hear when we turn on the radio.. Songs are always about love, about second chances, about broken relationship which most often than not makes us nostalgic on that part of our life wherein we once became foolish just because we choose to fight for that intense feeling that back then we don't really know what to call.

isn't it ironic that back then, when we were still young, we used to be so excited about having that first dance? Excited about the magic of that dream first kiss? How we dream about to be that faithful and beloved person for that dream partner? WE wanted to be perfect on that dream that when it is time for us to wake up, we already set that dream as one of our major standard in dealing with this imperfect world.

We became too busy in making the things around us to be perfect. Perfect enough for ourselves that in the process we became blind and deaf about the other things and all the people around us. We build ourselves a so-called world of our own, just you and your partner, never minding the people who cares enough to tell you that what you are doing is wrong. 'Cause for you, as long as you are happy, everything is perfect.

But as they always says, when you start building something in the wrong foundation, no matter how hard you try to hold on to that thing, it will eventually fall. As for the relationship, if it isn't meant to last, it will eventually, too, reach it's final destination.. breaking up.. parting time.. That's the time you'll ask yourself what went wrong?

You'll be hurt, broken.. you'll cry your heart out.. " Did I became too giving? too nice? To good to be true?" You'll start asking for opinion, seeking for advices.. You'll start to trespass in the wall that you put up for yourself before to look up for company, to look up for the people who, you know, really cares for you, those people you once forgotten..And then they'll tell you things you don't want to hear but you must.know. For you to be able to cope up and move on.

And then as time goes by, You'll be mending your own broken heart, starting to move forward isn't easy but you know you have to.. you must.

Step by step you will make it. And when that day comes wherein there's no more pain, no more bitterness, grudges and all that stuff in your heart, looking at your own reflection in the mirror, you will just laugh at your own foolishness. You'll be grateful that you've been through all that struggles 'cause you became stronger. Thankful that you once fall the hardest and now you're up there, you bounced back the highest. Strong, contented and happy.

You can now listen to the music of life, dance with the tune of it..Waiting for that imperfect relationship with the right foundation. Having two imperfect person in an imperfect relationship with the perfect God in the center.

Now as we listen to all this songs of love whenever we turn on the radio, we became nostalgic, 'cause we miss the old us.. but the good thing is: We are still the old us with the better new outlook in life. Singing and dancing with whatever the song of life is, with a happy and contented life waiting for the promise of that One perfect Person.. God.

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12 Nov, 2010
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2 mins
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