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Dante part 2

Dante part 2

By Nooneimportant

I sit in the back of the bus in a seat and put my books next to me so I can sit alone. I put my headphones in and turn the music all the way up so I can ignore all the moronic talk.By mornonic talk I mean the people talking about who they had sex with the drugs they did and how drunk they were last night. I lay my head back because I'm the last stop on the bus but I get home in what seems to be a flash. I get home and open the door to hear my dad drinking which will lead to him screaming at me or my mom. Speaking of my mom well because of my dad she now has a heroin addiction and the tracks up her arm are always in plan sight I wish she would just try to hide them. I go to my room I take my jacket off and look at my cuts the have allready agaves over so I cut some more and I slosh daze off. Im woken up by my mom screaming please stop. I got up to see what was wrong and my dad as drunk as ever hit her in the face and is holding her down I try to push him off but he pushes me as if I an a feather I fall down and he gets up and kicks me in the stomach and my wind was stolen out of my lungs I gasp for air. He goes back and starts yelling you see what you made me do. At this point tears are streaming down my face. He gets up and kicks me again the second kick knocks me out.

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30 Apr, 2011
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1 min
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