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Dante part 3

Dante part 3

By Nooneimportant

As my eye slowly opened I saw the my fan above my bed. So next I look at my clock and see that it's ten fuck I'm late for school. I've already missed my first two classes. So I get up and change as quick as possible and run to school just in time for 4th period and made my way to my seat and heard people talking about my eyes and me been gay I couldn't find out why. Then it hit me my eyes were puffy from the crying I started to rub them when I felt tapping on my back. I turned to see a girl she started to talk so I said I know I'm gay right and turned I mean she was going to say the same right. I felt the tapping again so I turned she said no no. That she said ignore them you look fine I did t believe her but could u blame me I mean I'm so use to the making fun I turned and kept rubbing my eyes. Lunch had finally come so I had sat alone as normal and next thing I know she was sitting in front of me telling me I should eat its not healthy for me not to once again I assumed this was a part of some sick prank so I put in my headphones and took out a book. When I came to school the next day she did the same and I ignored her she sat by me at lunch everyday so I got out a book and my head phones this happened for about a month before I asked what the hell do you want why are you always talking and sitting next to me she said I see that your a hurt person and I think you need help with what ever it is that's hurting you

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13 Jun, 2011
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