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Dante part 4

Dante part 4

By Nooneimportant

Today started out differently than the rest I was looking forward to school. I wanted to see the girl again. Today I wanted to find out her name. I had a smirk on my face today. I walked in class and didn't see her. All possibility of me being happy that day was gone in an instant. I at down and put my head down. And class started but I didn't care. I just kept my head down and zoned out. And suddenly I felt the slightest touch run across my shoulder and down my back. I looked up to see her the girl and a smile came upon my face. I was over joyed. Now all I wanted was for lunch to come. Fourth period couldn't have been any longer. Lunch had finally come and I saw her at the table I sat down and looked at her I saw the cutest smile. And I said hi she said hello I asked her what's your name Ashely. I told her mine and she smiled. We talked and everyday at lunch. I was so happy being friends with her until one say when in she walked on my bus and sat next to me I said what are you doing she said I thought we could chill after school today. I only I can find a way out to stay away from home.

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22 Jul, 2011

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