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Dante part one

Dante part one

By Nooneimportant

I woke up today wishing I hadn't. I fear today even though I just have to go to school. But I know that they will all just point and whisper things about me. I met the teacher before I went to class he wasn't that old but he really looked it his face had deep wrinkles  he hunched at an awkward angle his hair was turning gray but he had a huge smile. His name was Mr Wright. He didn't seem to mind my look though first time a teacher didn't practically faint when seeing me I'm average hight and really skinny I have facial pericings snake bites( two peircings on bottom lip both sides) and I have tattoos on my arms. But when he brought me into class they all stopped talking and before the teacher could even say this is Dante class two stupid jocks stared yelling homo, fag, queer. This is typically what happens my first day. I sat by myself in the back of the class in a broke. Desk so I couldn't be far in the corner of the room so they would talk to me less but everyone stared at me the whole class and whispered. I feel like I could hear them freak is what they all thought I know it. It Was a long day I wanted to fulfill my adiction so bad i needed to get alone. so I raised my hand slowly so no one would notice but the teacher. He called on me. I said as quickly as possible can I use the rest room. As soon as he said yes I almost ran to the door. I was in the bathroom and finally alone I reached in my pants and pulled out a small razor and cut two deep cuts in my arm.( cutting yourself releases hormones that get you high that's why some people get addicted) I watched the dark red liquid ooze down my arm and released a big breath full of tension. I got some bandage rap out of my bag and bandages my self up. I heard the door open and quickly I pulled my sleeve down. That was really scary I went back to class and sat down as the jocks said you put a new tampon in. Not to long later the bell rang and school was out. Now this next part is goin to sound strange but I didn't want to go home.

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About This Story
14 Apr, 2011
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2 mins
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