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Dante: Revenge Part 12
Dante: Revenge Part 12

Dante: Revenge Part 12


Dante’s question seemed to send Callum into a wistful state. He was happy to have remembered the boy’s name; names were not his strong suit. Bradford almost seemed despondent, like he had gone into shock when Reid had told Dante all of their names.

Dante was watching all of this family carefully. They said they want him to be family, but they seemed to have enough problems already, without him. They didn’t need another child to complicate things.

Almost as if she knew what he was thinking, Willow walked over and said, “Not problem. Reid explain.”

Catching on to what she was saying, Everett continued for her, “Reid will explain our crazy family. He probably knows us better than we know ourselves anyway. We go to him when we have problems and he is much better at the we-might-be-a-crazy-family-but-I-promise-the-we’re-sane talk. I don’t understand how he does this.”

Callum seemed to come back to reality. When he saw that Willow was no longer at his shoulder, his eyes went so wide Dante thought they would pop out of his head. He, then, turned quickly and disappeared out the window leaving Dante in a confused state. “Why did he wait so long, if he wanted to leave?”

That brought a surprised laugh from Everett and a soft smile from Willow who pointed to herself, “Keep him here.”


“Willow is more terrifying than everyone combined.” The caution evident in Everett’s tone, “Plus, she gets underestimated because she is a ‘small girl’ and she has an ‘innocent face.’”

Willow's responding grin was malicious, she loved when her brothers admitted to being afraid of her, “Brother scared.”

“Absolutely you can be a nightmare but you’re wrapped in cotton candy.” This earned a cackle.

Author Notes: I have been trying to focus on one person per chapter but I am going to start becoming more of an omniscient narrator instead of waiting for a new person to understand what they are thinking. Also I apologize for not posting as regularly. I should be doing that more now.

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22 Apr, 2022
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