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Dark Night

Dark Night

By Life_is_Hard

The dark is lonely and boring,
But I do not fear for the time,
Because the rain is now pouring
And I have nothing to do but write these rhymes.

The clock strikes three
And it is time to leave.
That annoying ticking sound
Is one of my pet peeves.

I sit and I wonder
If it has stopped raining,
Because I want to go and fetch the mail.
Then I'll start painting.

I get up to see,
if the dreaded weather has stopped.
To my relief it has.
I don't look back at the clock.

It has turned into a beautiful day.
I gather my utensils,
My sketchbook alike.
I haven't much time to play.

The day is ending now,
I haven't the time to weep.
Today was so much fun,
But I do need some sleep.

I crawl into bed
In the middle of the night.
Now is the time for sleep,
For it is no time to fright.

I turn off the bright beam
of light.
I drift into my dream
Good Night

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27 Aug, 2015
Adventure, Tragedy, Psychological
Sad, Weird, Scary

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