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Dark Times

Dark Times

By Katzy - 1 Review

It surrounds me. 
It takes away my happiness, and leaves me oblivious to all the good things that are happening. 
That darkness is called depression. 
I've lived with it for two years now. I don't know how. It's terrible, what I'm going through, and how many people don't care. My parents, they have never been there for me. I've lived in a homeless shelter for as long as I can remember. I'm lucky to have him, the only one keeping me alive, the only reason I am holding onto life. He, is my boyfriend. He's seen the worst sides of me, and never the best, because of what I've become, because of what depression has made me. He was there to stop me when I was about to commit suicide, he was there to hold my hand when I felt like ending all this sadness, he was the one who covered my arm with his hand when I was about to cut, and he was there to hug me and hold me every time I had to cry myself asleep. But even with him, I wondered why I was still alive, why someone hadn't rid this world of me, why I haven't said goodbye to this torture, why God let me live another day as a useless waste of space. 
But that all changed when he gave me the ring. 
The diamond ring on the Hawaii beach. 
I thought he was taking me there to cheer me up. 
Oh how I was wrong. 
He proposed. 
And we got married. 
And I was happy. 
It's amazing what love can do to even the most broken of minds. It's wonderful how you can feel so much happiness just by looking at the piece of jewelry wrapped around your finger given to you by your lover. But the best thing yet, is that he fixed me. I'm no longer broken. I am no longer a waste of space. I am a strong mother and wife, and I have never been happier. 

Author Notes: This isn't a true story, but I imagine some where in this world, there is someone going through what my character Becca went through, and I wish nothing but happiness for them and hope they can find someone like Becca did to help give them their happiness back.

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4 Jun, 2015
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1 min
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