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A Dark Twist
A Dark Twist

A Dark Twist


Enemy Pie - Play Rewrite

5 years in the future.

~ Characters ~

Main Character- MC

Jeremy (Enemy)

Dad (Dad)

~ Setting ~

MC’s house

Tree House

Scene 1- Tree House

Dad: Hey guys, it’s dinner time! I made macaroni and cheese.

Jeremy: Oh macaroni and cheese!

MC: Coming. Just after we finish this game of chess!

Jeremy: Ha! Checkmate.

MC: Darn do you want to go again?

Jeremy: Yeah sure!

Dad: Come on boys. Oh. I almost forgot, I also made pie for dessert!

Jeremy: Pie! (Jumps down from tree house with MC trailing.)

MC: (Confused whisper) The Enemy Pie!

Scene 2- Dinner Table

Dad: Do you guys like it?

Jeremy: The mac and cheese is so good. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

MC: But you’re already eating it for dinner?

Dad: And finally! Pie time!

MC: (worried look in his eyes; rambling) There is more mac and cheese on the table. Could we finish it? I mean, why waste all the food. We should wait till we finish dinner to eat dessert.

Jeremy: But I want to eat pie. It’s- it’s pie!

MC: It’s highly radioactive and dangerous! I think it’s poisonous. Don’t eat it, it will kill you!

Jeremy: Are you okay? Should I direct you to the nearest mental asylum, MC?

MC: Tell him, Dad!

Dad: (eating pie slowly, emphasizing each bite.)

MC: Dad!

Dad: (chuckles) What? It’s good!

MC: (whispers) But-it’s the enemy pie!

Jeremy: Enemy what?

Dad: Nonsense! It’s cherry pie!

MC: No, its not!

Jeremy: Seriously dude? Sir, can you call the local exorcist? Nevermind, I’ll do it. MAY THE POWER OF COLGATE COMPEL YOU! LET CREST TOOTHPASTE LOOSEN IT’S DEMONIC HOLD ON YOU! BEGONE!

(Everyone looks at Jeremy confused)

Jeremy: What? (mutters) You guys are so salty.

MC: Actually, let him have the pie. (Dad and MC smile at each other, their inflated cabbage faces filled with an ear to ear smile.)

Author Notes: Please don't judge us based on the interesting themes that we chose:)

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28 Jun, 2019
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1 min
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