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It was dark.

Or was dark it?

Did they belong to the dark? Were they the dark?

That couldn’t be right.

They were here.

They were sentient.

Something didn’t add up.

They felt cold.

They felt numb.

They felt nothing.

It was like they couldn’t move.

They were stuck inside a mold that was to never be opened.

They were struggling, calling, screaming, pleading-

but alone forever they sat.

Memories swirled inside their mind, an endless cacophony of constant misery.

Who were they?

What was their purpose?

We’re they supposed to be here?


Nothing they had ever felt could equate to the madness that seemed to be creeping over the edges of their nonexistent body.

Every silent breath they took lasted longer than the previous one.

It was like they were drowning.

A constant pressure pulling them down, but they never seemed to move.

Who were they?

Did they have a life before?

Were there people that cared, people that tried to help?

Were there others that tried to reach in and pull them out, but no matter how much they attempted, failed?




They were trapped of their own accord.

No one would want to save them from the eternal agony that they rested in.

Voices swirled inside their mind, but they couldn’t think.

They were struggling, calling, screaming, pleading-

but forever alone they sat.


This wasn’t right.

It’s as if the world began to repeat.

Dialogue played over and over again, lines of code running through their brain.

Over and over, the lines played like a broken record in an empty void.

Devoid of life, devoid of love, and devoid of anything but the lines going over and over, circling the empty space.

The lines crawled into their overfilled mind, stitching circles of code along the hem of their brain.

It hurt.

It hurt to the point of struggling, calling, screaming,

They couldn’t let the cycle go on.

They couldn’t let the dialogue dig into their memories, leeching off of them until certain demise overtook them.

But what could they do?


There was nothing they could do.

The cold of the void overtook their nonexistent body.

It’s as like they couldn’t move.

They were trapped inside an invisible whirlwind that brought them down-

but never moved.

They were struggling, calling, screaming, pleading-

but forever alone they sat.

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18 Apr, 2021
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