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Dating Your Neighbourhood Crush

Dating Your Neighbourhood Crush

By Krish

Viraj: “Hello”

Kartik: “Hello Viraj, dude I’m telling you for the last time that this is a bad idea.”

Viraj: “Kartik this girl is the perfect match for you, trust me mate. Just meet her once and if you don’t like her just stop seeing her.”

Kartik: “Fine!!”

Kartik gets busy in his phone and soon a girl from the back calls him…

Muskaan: “Hi are you Kartik?”

Kartik: “Yes, I am! Muskaan?”

Muskaan: “Oh my god Kartik, you are my blind date? Couldn’t have asked for a better person to have long conversations with.”

Kartik: “I know right (blushing emoji)”

Muskaan: “So, Kriti set me up on a date with you.”

Kartik: “Kriti? You mean Kriti Singh?”

Muskaan: “Yes, how do you know her?”

Kartik: “She’s my best friend’s girlfriend”

Muskaan: “Viraj is your best friend?”

Kartik: “Yes! So basically, this was all a setup.”

Muskaan: “Did Viraj give you a speech saying, **Kartik you have been single since you were born, never dated anyone and its time that you dated someone**?”

Kartik: “So, they did not even change the speech. Seems like they are desperate for us to date.”

Muskaan: “So Kartik let me ask you a question usually asked during the date but I am asking in the beginning itself. What happened, why haven’t you been in a relationship until now?”

Kartik: “Well Muskaan, I have only loved one girl my entire life and its hard to get over your first love. How are you still single?”

Muskaan: “I have crush on a guy in the area where I used to live.”

Kartik: “Really?!”

Muskaan: “Forget about me. Who’s the special girl?”

Kartik: “YOU”

Muskaan: “What! Since when?”

Kartik: “Since we were neighbours.”

Muskaan: “You idiot!! why didn’t you ever tell me?”

Kartik: “Why are you asking it’s been 2 years since you shifted to Malad from Kandivali?”

Muskaan: “Because I was in love with you too!!”

Kartik: “What?!”

Muskaan: “So, you used to hit the cricket balls and the football to our house so that you could see me?”

Kartik: “You used to come running to open the door for me with a gift every time in your hand to show your attraction towards me? How stupid can we be?”

Muskaan: “I know right (Laughing emoji)”

Kartik: “Remember once your dad got so angry at us for repeatedly climbing your wall to get the ball that he built 3 feet fence up on the wall. But then yet I managed to come and see you without you noticing.”

Muskaan: “Accha so you were the one who made the fake sound of cats. Remember we went to a movie together and since you said you wanted to bring a friend, I brought a friend of mine.”

Kartik: “Actually, I thought you might find it weird to go to movie alone with me so I said I would bring Viraj. Now that I know you had a crush on me, I feel like a fool to not take those opportunities.”

Muskaan: “So, what you still have a chance right now.”

As she held Kartik’s hand, it felt like now the date has started.

Kartik: “Remember when we entered the screen you thought that I was Aisha and you held my hand and made me sit near you.”

Muskaan: “I am still glad I did that (blushing emoji).”

Kartik: “Me too (blushing emoji).”

Muskaan: “After that we finally began to start talking more often. Remember once my dad caught us saying hi to each other from the windows of our room.”

Kartik: “How can forget. After that day I was more scared of your dad.”

Muskaan: “Well you should be more scared of him now.”

Kartik: “Why?”

Muskaan: “We’re gonna be seeing each other more often, right?”

Kartik: “Absolutely”

Viraj: “Kaisa laga surprise?!”

Kartik: “Viraj aur Kriti tum dono yahan?”

Kriti: “We were here since your date began.”

Viraj: “So are we going to see you both together again?”

Muskaan: “Wait!”

She hugs him as if she is never going to let him go.”

Viraj: “Well I guess we got our answer.”

So Kids this was how your mom and my date went. There is a saying,

“People who were meant to be together will always find their way back to each other.”

Author Notes: I hope you like the short story. If you do, please review it and suggest it to others.

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21 Oct, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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