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MistyJJPAmber Jones
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The night was a choking inky black, rain poured down in cold hard sheets, slicking the ground. The air was thick with tension as several villagers struggled to get themselves and their families out of the danger of the storm. Thunder cracked in the distance, and the villagers struggled through the muck more urgently. Fear increasing as they traveled, no one noticing the woman falling behind the group, who stumbled and fell.

Crying out in pain as the sludge mixed with the deep gash on her leg. Clutching her baby, she gritted her teeth as she crawled forward slowly. Jagged lightning lit the sky and the woman grew increasingly fearful. They were coming.

The woman crawled as fast as she could, trying to ignore the stabbing pain. The villagers unaware trudged urgently away from the village, disappearing in the suffocating blackness. Thunder cracked again, closer this time. Time was running out, they would be here soon.

Lightning flashed, and the rain almost seemed to still, drops frozen midair. The woman blew out an icy breath, shaking with fear. They were here. Thunder rumbled ominously, the wind stopped and the only sound was her baby’s soft crying.

“Shh.” She whispered to the infant urgently, “They’re going to hear you.” But the baby didn’t listen. Lightning flashed casting ghostly shadows across the woman’s terrified features. In the brief flash of light the woman could make out the outlines of grotesque creatures, their faces hidden by the shadows of cloaks. The woman studied the creatures, fear choking her words. In their hands they held glowing blue orbs that crackled like electricity, the light dancing across their inhuman hands.

The biggest of the group stepped toward the woman and she let a muffled cry of horror as the creature’s features came into view. The creature inside the cloak resembled a minotaur with two heads except its face was twisted in odd angles and covered in angry red welts as if taken with the plague. The woman clutched the baby to her chest protectively, scrambling away from the horrid figure. But the creature mearley studied her, and began chanting unintelligible words. A mixture of garbled noises and hisses that sent chills crawling down her spine. The creature reached out a long twisted bone hand, light hissing and popping menacingly in hand. The creature pulled back an arm, light ready, the woman closed her eyes fearfully, bracing for the searing heat of the strange light. But when it didn’t come she opened her eyes warily, the light was gone from the creature’s grasp, and she sighed before noticing her baby lay not ten feet away from her.

Her child was encased in the strange light, giggling as the light around him spit and crackled. Not knowing the danger, he reached up a little pink finger to touch the light.

“No!” The woman cried desperately, but it was to late. Light replaced dark as a blinding flash of white light enveloped the night. When the light faded, the woman crawled toward the spot where her infant had laid, but the ground was untouched, the baby gone.

“No!” She wailed, hot tears spilling down her face. She desperately grabbed a handful of dirt and held it to her chest.

“No.” She whispered, rocking herself as the pain and grief ripped at her heart.

The creatures surrounded her closing in slowly, but the woman didn’t care, her grief to great. Crying as the rain began to pour again mixing with her salty tears, she was completely lost in her grief. And she helplessly left herself to the mercy of the storm.

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About The Author
Amber Jones
About This Story
8 May, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
5.0 (1 review)

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