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Day I Lost Her
Day I Lost Her

Day I Lost Her

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I use to love the sound of birds. I loved any sound that included her. I gave up with my chances and left. She made the other half of me. One late night in July we was walking home from school and well it wasn't what I expected. I saw her face change from happy to scared. Then she pointed at something, I did not see it. She flipped out and started to think I was gonna hurt her. I would never harm her. I loved her so much. She took off running away from me yelling its coming for her. I chased her for about a hour. I finally could not chase her, she was gone. I fell on the ground crying wishing she could come back.

The next day we had a search party out looking for her. We searched for about five weeks in till her parents gave up, I went out every day looking for her but never found a thing. A month later on the news they said they had found someone or something hiding in a old shack. I got a call saying it was her. I rushed there as fast as I could but when I got there she looked like she was almost dead. I asked if she was ok, but she said she was sorry and said she loved me.

The police had took her down to the station for questioning. I was called a hour later to pick her up and when I did she was back to normal. She looked over at me and said they wasnt going to hurt her. I thought she was talking about the police. A few miles down the road something jumped infront of me and made me crash. I woke up with people surronding me. I found a note on the seat. It said I love you but we make something stronger than earth if we stay together they will find us and I'm sorry. I will see you someday again. I won't forget you ever.

Author Notes: I wrote this and reminded me of my ex MS

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20 Apr, 2019
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