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A Day in the Exam Hall.
A Day in the Exam Hall.

A Day in the Exam Hall.


My brother and I together were returning from school . I stand on stairs of our house looking at my phone while my brother goes through his bag for the keys. I notice my brother turn towards me before he give me this stupid, idotic grin .

"Great, Well done Buttery. I think the school might be a good place to look for the keys." ,I say as he walks down the stairs.Few minutes post my brother's walk back to the school , I hear a lot of squealing and screaming in the sky.

Very unusual sight to behold but, I see a bunch of kids falling from the sky with parachutes. Next moment I see needles so thin and long enough to take down 7 elephants at once. Nobody was around , so I think it is time that i have told you. I AM A SUPERHERO . I put on my mask and my stupid blue air dragging cape and put the children out of harm with my super duper ultimate speed . You can ask how fast am I ? Faster than Flash and Super man . I chase the air plane and rip it out in to pieces only to find that the plane was being controlled by someone too scared to face me. I use my mind powers to track down the controller before I blast open the doors of the controller. I was shocked on seeing him.

It was none other than the notorious , butt-chinned villain 'BOOYAH' . We clenched our fists and swung at each others heads , As our fists closed in on each others face meter by meter, inch by inch we fist bumped each other. "How are you ,Booyah?" I say with a smile so big that you could even see my entire set of teeth. "I am good man " he says with a confused expression.

" Do I know you ?"

" I the greatest super hero in town know you the stupid , butt-chinned notorious Booyah and you do not even care to know your enemies in town?. Such a shame." I shout at him with my spit all over his face.

"One thing , Do not call me butt-chinned. Second thing, I am not butt-chinned . Third thing --"

" You are not butt- chinned except you are cow-chinned , pig chinned , poop-chinned and you have all the types of chins in the world" I say as I interrupt him.

We quarrelled for a long time and settled down to have some coffee made by Booyah. It was amazingly delicious and was awe struck in its delightfulness. It was angelic and gave me this levitating feeling.

The next moment I have my eyes completely occupied by a big fat woman infront of me . "What are you doing Mr. Poopigan?" she asks with one of her eyes down and her eyebrows up.


The next thing i know that I have this really red swelled up cheek and see myself back to writing my 6th class final exams.

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About This Story
7 May, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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