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Day to Day
Day to Day

Day to Day

Ambrose2Ambrose Gibbs

Life everday is like a storm, happy to be inlove where my heart's warm. Here comes the storm on a cloudy day, what more to say just another day. Only to say tired of lies in my life this way. Only to stay strong on judgement day, god keep me alive as I prey.

Who do we trust in this land endeavor, life live for so long in the land of never. Hope to be in peace with myself, to many people is helpless looking for help, a step away from death until the last breath When will it end.

This is the beginning of time,keep a strong mind, the beginning of time. Got to be cool and not play the fool, life is to short with a string to pull. Let life pass you by that's all you can do.only to live your life only for you.

Author Notes: This is how in life you have to stay strong and be prepared for the worst.

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Ambrose Gibbs
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8 Oct, 2019
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<1 min
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