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Days Light

Days Light

By zebra1972

As if standing in a dream I gazed into the cool crisp air that I have been so long gone from. There is something too say about the fall/winter season. If you grew up in the north it will be your favorite time of year. The leaves are beautiful colors of yellow, red, and brown with all of the color in-between. It was when you broke out the jackets from last year to see if they would fit, sometimes even having in it the rouge dollar bill that you thought that you lost or had forgotten about, it was a big deal and the first thing too tell your buds when you saw them. The food always tasted better. A hot bowl of soup kicked some ass after a day of serious sled ridding. Growing up in a small Western Pa town was always a fun time. The days got cooler and shorter but in some way people seemed to grow closer, maybe it was the fact that you had too spend more time together in close quarters. So as I stood there with the wind slicing through me I remembered the good times and not what I had lived through and endured. Instead I focused on the walks in the woods and the times when we would ditch school and smoke pot till our eyes were so red that they looked as though they needed turnakits, no I wouldn't let what had happened take my memories.

Thinking back being in south Florida was a good thing, hell probably saved my life. So many people died here in the north in general. We had gotten soft some said; 70 years ago we would have been fine. All the old timers had a theory. Me I didn't know then nor do I even have a clue now. I would agree that it would have been very hard to survive in the cold. How many people remembered how to hunt and farm, and fish and I don't mean for fun but for there life? In Florida we didn't worry about how to heat the house in the winter. It must have been hell. Many died in Florida but not for the reasons these people did. What brings me here then? Why leave the safety and security? The need to know what happened too my friends and family, who was left? How much of the past was lost forever? This is my account, these are my stories. Maybe the next generations will read them and understand or maybe not. I never choose this too happen or maybe I did. I was part of the turn of the century generation part of the so-called gen-xers the generation that pushed technology too the point of no return. The Internet, the World Wide Web, PC's and palm pilots and laptops, yea we needed all of that shit or did we? For us who survived life now has a different meaning new focus a brand new breath o fresh air if you will with no toxins or chemicals in that breath. I don't have a religious view of what happened but maybe GOD just said enough and hit the reset button. So here I am looking down a road once filled with cars and trucks. Lights would shine on all four corners, traffic signals regulating the flow. Now it is snow covered barren, and cold. The four corners three go to whatever and one too home.

Author Notes: Another start. Couldn't find a good category for it.

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13 Aug, 2013
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2 mins
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