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D'banj: A God Fearing Man Is an African Man
D'banj: A God Fearing Man Is an African Man

D'banj: A God Fearing Man Is an African Man


D'banj was an African man who praised his Holiness, he held no material possessions because he figured " as long as one was as holy as he was, one needs no material possessions to make it in the world". Even when those around him appeared to live full happier lives bathing in their material possessions D'banj never got faded from his Holiness because deep down he knew that those living in sin were not happy at all or maybe they appeared happy to the naked eye but when one shines the light on them one can see clear as day that sinners were living a double life, one that appears happy and free while they cower in the shadows whenever His Holiness shines His light upon them.Injustice never made D'banj doubt his faith, not even one bit, he was a man of God and that was it.

II That was until D'banj ran into a woman whose beauty and sin can't be measured by anything nor do I have the words to describe the woman's beauty or her sinister ways. She left a mark on D'banj, a mark that left D'banj to start questioning His Holiness as to why he couldn't attain a woman of such beauty. He witnessed sinners get their lion's share of both sinister and holy women from across the seven kingdoms so why couldn't His Holiness bless him with just the one, the one whose beauty can't be compared to any living creature across all seven kingdoms.

III Ever since the encounter with the sinister beauty D'banj's faith had never been the same sinners had seen what happened and they teased him about it " a man of God who can't attain anything in life, not even the love of a beautiful woman". It didn't stop there it went on with everything,sinners went on and on about his daily life on a daily daily it started testing his very existence thus him questioning His Holiness. He cried a long cry all day everyday to his Holiness he even started complaining about the little material things he had, he cried about the shoes he wore; about the worn out clothes on his back, about his raggedy afro, he cried till he couldn't cry no more and decided it was better to rid the world of sinners once and for all so he built an army of terminators and christened them ALPHAS.

IV D'banj commanded alphas to wipe out any sinister person and/or act across all the seven kingdoms by the time his brute army was done only he remained in a desert like post war field with no other creature, plant or life in sight only then did he turn to His Holiness and cussed out " I have done what no man could ever do, I have rid the seven kingdoms of all sinicism, I am the only creature that remains there won't be any sinister acts committed in the presence of His Holiness surely I too am holy as the one who created me". D'banj stood under His Holiness with his brute army and his chest held high and his hair blowing in the wind as if waiting on God to make the next move, right there a voice came out from the heavens and instructed the army "ALPHAS KRY HOM!".

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8 Sep, 2017
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2 mins
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