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Dead Skies
Dead Skies

Dead Skies

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What of the Dead Skies of August

and September, when there is rain, when

shootings and violence tear apart families?

When people like me, who are just starting school again,

turn to the people they called friends and laugh, telling jokes

at their own expense, trying to call for their help.

I've hurt myself before, during school, either by cutting

or starving myself or any other means.

I remember when the Dead Skies called on me,

telling me to hold on and don't give up, but

I didn't listen.

I'm not religious, I just think it's a bunch of fairy tales

created by people to instill false hope in themselves.

I started drinking again, a bit ago. It wasn't an easy thing to

start again, and I tried to...end myself again a few weeks ago.

It was bad.

And now, in my state of recovery, I wear long sleeves to hide the scars,

I wear sunglasses to hide the bags under my eyes, I laugh when I want to cry.

Why did the Dead Skies of August and September have to call on me, when I

just wanted to end it all?

Why did they have to go?

Why am I the last one here?

Author Notes: Sorry for the lapses between posts, School sucks and I'm trying to come up with more stuff.

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12 Sep, 2019
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